Aberdeenshire R.F.C. is arguably the most progressive rugby club North East of Scotland.


Formed in 1875 Aberdeenshire has always been open an Open club, although always a city club we are called Aberdeenshire because back in 1875 their were no other open clubs in the North East of Scotland.

In the Sixties 'Shire established the first youth section in the North East of Scotland, providing boys responsible mentorship and a diversionary activity away from anti social behaviour. It also allowed boys aged 16 to 18 from the state schools to compete on a equal footing boys from public schools.

The youth section grew into a complete mini-club with its own committee and catered for boys from 7-18 years by the start of the nineties, and was incredible successful with various teams winning top prizes in the Regional & National Tournaments over the years.

After over a 117 years surviving as a nomadic Club, in the late eighties 'Shire lead a sports club partnership including Football and Cricket in securing a 66 year lease for the playing fields at Station Road Woodside, and built its own licensed lounge and changing facilities named Woodside Sport Complex.

Some of the progressive developments that took place in the nineties were as follows:-

- 1992 - Aberdeenshire Quines RFC were formed and affiliated to ARFC. The Quines were the first open women' s club in the North East. They cater for women from the age of 16 upwards and play in Division 1 of the National League.•

- 1992 - Woodside Sevens, the only Rugby Sevens Competition in Aberdeen.

- 1994 - Aberdeen Touch Tournament , the biggest Club run Tournament in Scotland. Open to all ages 16-60. Around 400 people complete from May to July.

In 2000 Aberdeenshire Colts R.F.C. was formed, The Colts are properly constituted group that are fully affiliated to and integrated with Aberdeenshire R.F.C. they report to the Executive Committee on a monthly basis.

The Colts employed a part-time Development Officer to tour the schools and introduce the Sport of Rugby, (another first in the North East), this proved so successful that in 2002 the Club employed a Full-time Officer.

In November 2002 a group of 12-14 year old boys and girls from St Machar Academy played in a mini tag rugby tournament at Murrayfield in front of 60,000 spectators, an experience of a lifetime. Next season we will cater for P4- P7 and S1-S4 boys and girls. Parents are involved and attend coaching courses run by the SRU.

The men's club is organised into two teams and caters for all levels of skill for young men aged from 18 upwards. The Development officer also coaches the men and provides a continuous link between school, youth club and seniors.

In the club an environment of mutual respect is encouraged so that we work together to achieve goals on and off the pitch. The club offers inexpensive membership to children and young adults of a progressive organisation, mentorship, advice, friendship and the chance to broaden horizons by cross socio-economic integration.

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