Alcester Rugby Football Club

Alcester Rugby Football Club

Alcester v Biggleswade


1. Henry
2. Josh O
3. Dominic
4. Charlie
5. Max
6. Hugo
7. Connor
8. Cameron*
9. Stevie
10. Chris
11. Josh A
12. Jamie
13. Tom G
14. Ollie
15. Joe
16. Ed H
17. Tom H

* Denotes Man of the Match.

Alcester hosted touring side, Biggleswade who had travelled north to play Worcester and Alcester this weekend. They brought with them 22 players and lots of parents. To allow Biggleswade opportunity to field all of their squad we agreed that we would play 3 / 3rds.

Alcester kicked off and Biggleswade secured the first ruck of the game, they then passed the ball along the line into the centres where they were met by Jamie whose tackle forced the knock on for Alcester to get the first scrum of the game.

The ball was not especially quick from the scrum so this meant the touring side’s defence was well set, however they were unable to halt Jamie who broke the line with some very strong running. The try was scored under the posts and Stevie duly converted. Alcester were 7 – 0 up with only 2 minutes on the clock.

Biggleswade kicked back to Alcester who knocked on from the restart giving Biggleswade the scrum. Josh O and the rest of the Alcester front row made easy work of the scrum and won the ball against the head. Cameron was pleased to see the ball channelled back through the scrum to his feet; he picked up and ploughed through the Biggleswade defence to score his first try of the match. Alcester had stretched the gap to 14 points with Stevie’s conversion and there were only 4 minutes gone.

Biggleswade came back at Alcester and forced a lineout, and then a scrum. Josh O stole another Biggleswade put-in and Alcester played the ball through the hands setting Tom G on his way, Tom was tackled in the Biggleswade 22m. Biggleswade ran the ball back at Alcester but they were met by the ‘man mountain’ that is Max, with a storming tackle forcing the knock on, Alcester scrum.

Alcester forwards mauled the ball deep into Biggleswade territory and won a scrum. Chris decided to attack the blind-side and was supported by Josh A who made good ground and had the strength and presence of mind to offload to Cameron who was right on his shoulder. Cameron did the honours and scored in the corner. With 16 minutes on the clock, Alcester were now 19 – 0 up and well in control of the game in the 1st 3rd of the match.

Alcester were showing some very good close quarter control and inter-linking passing by both backs and forwards.

Alcester made changes at half time, bringing off Josh A and Ollie and replacing them with Ed and Tom H.

Biggleswade kicked off to start the 2nd 3rd of the match, Alcester knocked on again giving Biggleswade the scrum. Not that it mattered that it was a Biggleswade scrum, Josh O was winning their ball for fun. Alcester were again showing of their passing skills and Dominic got in there with a neat show and go and then fed Tom G who ran in another try in the corner with only 1 ½ minutes gone of the second 3rd. Stevie had a valiant effort at the kick, on target, but just a bit too short.

Alcester kept the pressure on after the kick off and were laying siege on the Biggleswade line, but unfortunately were offside and gave Biggleswade the opportunity to clear their lines.

After only 6 minutes of this 3rd, Dom made an excellent steal at the ruck and Jamie picked up the well presented ball running in the try under the posts.

Alcester continued to land crunching tackles into the Biggleswade attack, allowing the visitors no time to get set. This was a hard day at the office for Biggleswade, but they kept their heads up and continued to make an impact on the game.

Jamie made another good tackle and ripped the ball in contact, offloading to Cameron who ‘bludgeoned’ his way through to score. Stevie made another fine effort with his kick that was perfectly placed between the posts, just a few yards short.

Jamie and Tom G made way in the centre for Josh A and Ollie, the back line shuffled to accommodate.

The 3rd and final session was got underway by Josh O, the last 20 minutes of U13’s rugby for this season. Alcester gave away a couple of successive penalties and Biggleswade were keen to press the advantage.

Alcester were showing the scars of this physical contest that was much harder than the one-sided score line suggested. Stevie getting a nasty knock on his ankle, Josh O and Chris both having to leave the field of play, changes were happening all over the field, Alcester somehow managed to keep their shape and composure.

Biggleswade scrum on the ½ way line, and then through some good play progressing to the Alcester 22m line, Jamie stole the ball in contact yet again. Cameron picked up the ball and ran almost the full length of the pitch to score in the corner.

Biggleswade never gave up, much to their credit. Their never say never attitude was rewarded with a try, well done to Biggleswade.

The added mass in the front row now with Cameron as hooker meant the next scrum saw the best ‘HIT’ at the engage of the game. Alcester won the Bigglesworth ball again.

Tom G ran the ball most the length of the pitch but was tackled just outside of the Biggleswade 5m line. The ensuing line-out max caught the ball and drove on with support from his pack. Cameron, Henry and Dominic all making breaks off the driving maul. Connor made the telling break and powered over the line with Stevie scoring the conversion to cap off the Alcester scoring fest. What a way to finish the season, well done lads.

The final score was 53 – 5.


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