The Directors of Aldershot & Fleet RUFC have agreed the membership fees for the 2012 – 2013 season.

The purpose of the membership is assist in the payment of club insurances both for players and for the building, to pay for licences for the bar, the utilities and for the ongoing maintenance for the club house, boilers, showers etc...
By joining the club you will be entitled to the following:

• The chance to obtain any international Rugby tickets that are made available to the club from the RFU (subject to a first come first pay process).
• To use the clubroom with no cost for hire for your own personal party or event N.B. if bar staff are required then there will be a cost for them c£100 for two people for the night.
• Free use of the ‘physio’ when in attendance (this is for full membership only, a nominal charge applies for social members who wish to use the facility).

The following fees have been agreed with the relevant information:

Senior player £20 a month This covers all match fees for the season, training subs, club socks, club shorts (1st year members, 2nd year members club dress shirt) and personalised club t-shirt
Senior player unemployed/student £14 a month As above
Junior (under 18) £45 a year If the junior player wishes to purchase a personalised club t-shirt it is another £10 on top.
Social £15 a year As a player social member match fees of £5 are applicable. Club t-shirts are available to purchase at £10

N.B. – in the event of siblings, sons or daughters playing for the club then a reduced fee of £15 will apply, e.g. senior player pays £20 a month, then their son (if at junior level) will only pay £15 for the year, similarly if there are two brothers or sisters at junior level 1 will pay £45 the other will pay £15.


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