Junior Registration Form 2014 (1 page)

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Cric HQ Results (Beta)

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Membership Fees (Subs) 2013 (1 page)

For the season 2013 Senior: • £20 Basic Club Membership o £5 per Saturday CYCL game fee. Scorer £2 and Teas extra. o No Fees payable for Cup Games. Scorer £2 and Teas extra. o No Fees payable for CYCL 20/20. Scorer 50p. o £20 Needs to be

Members Draw 100 Club (1 page)

The weekly draw is now £22 for the season (£1/Week) Social membership is £5. (All those that partake in the draw must be a member of the club) The draw will take place following the game, in the clubhouse, every Saturday. Each week the prize wi

Sponsor the Club (3 pages)

Become a Sponsor of Altofts Cricket Club! Would you like the opportunity to advertise your business whilst benefiting a local sports club? If so then we have a number of options available which are listed below. Key Points about Altofts Cricket C

Articles (1 page)

A Kiwi at Altofts CC It seems that only yesterday that I was a wide eyed young man on his first foray overseas to experience cricket and life in the United Kingdom. In fact it was 22 years ago. In April 1981 I arrived at Wakefield Bus Terminal, to pla

Associated Clubs (1 page)

Langwarrin Cricket Club Mornington Peninsula Victoria Austraila http://www.langwarrincc.com.au/index.html

Child Protection (1 page)

CHILD PROTECTION / WELFARE Altofts CC treats the welfare of our junior members as being of paramount importance. All managers are issued with the ECB Child Protection Policy “safe hands” document and all managers and coaches understand and follow

Coaches Corner (14 pages)

Welcome to Coaches Corner (not to be mistaken with Compost Corner) Here you will find various articles to read over to help both Junior & Senior players develop Everyone is welcome to contribute is you find anything that you feel is relevant A ne

Code of Conduct (1 page)

CODE OF CONDUCT FOR CRICKET STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person within the context of Cricket Treat everyone equally and do not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation or

Constitution (1 page)

THE CONSTITUTION OF ALTOFTS CRICKET CLUB 1. TITLE 1.1 The title of the cricket club shall be “Altofts Cricket Club”, hereafter known as the club 2. OBECTIVES The objectives of the club shall be: 2.1 The promotion and playing of the g

Facilities (1 page)

The facilities comprise a full size adult cricket pitch, cricket nets and a Clubhouse fully equipped with a bar and fitted kitchen. To the rear of the building, there are four changing rooms, each with separate access to the shower area. T he

History (2 pages)

A Brief History The early 1890’s saw a radical change in the area of Altofts. From being a small hamlet, the village grew with the sinking of the local mine (Pope & Pearson). This led to a significant influx of workers and large areas of housing wer

Honours (1 page)

1st Team Division 1 Champions 2008 (S.Palmer) 1983 (I.Frost) 1981 (T.Greaves) 1980 (T.Greaves) Division 2 Champions 1978 (J.Gunn) CYCL Cup 1985 (I.Frost) Beaumont Cup 2003 (D. Bowles) 2010 (A. Buton) 2nd Team Divisio

Junior Section 'Roll of Honour' (4 pages)

2010 Season Leeds League Cup winners Heavy Woollen League winners Most improved player - Sam Denison Batsman of the year - Bowler of the year - Matthew Rees Fielder of the year - Tom Gant Player of the year - Matthew Burrows 2011 Seas

Past Captains (1 page)

Past Captains of Altofts 1st XI Season 2012- Jordan Sleightholme Season 2011- Alan Burton Season 2010- Kevin Watson Season 2007 - 2009- Steve Palmer Season 2006- Lee Padgett / Ryan Lethbridge Season 2004-2005- Peter Chapman

Past Players (3 pages)

History of Overseas Players It is no coincidence that in the past 20 years there has been a large number of players joining the Altofts ranks from the Victorian Cricket Association in Melbourne, Australia. In particular, there have been no less than 4

Player Profiles (1 page)

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Social Media Policy (1 page)

1 Introduction Social networking sites (such as, but not exclusively, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.) are a useful way for keeping in touch with friends, family and club members, and are also a great way to exchange information. However, members must

Supporters (1 page)

Compost Corner Returns! I couldn't believe this, all the old ghosts have disappeared, I checked on some winter's night...."nothing". But as a new season started I noticed the corner had sprouted some new, young "saplings" namely Mrs palmer, Jack & Tom


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