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Membership categories and fees for the 2016/2017 season are as follows.

Category | Monthly Instalments | Annual Payment
Families with 1 child | £14 | £140
Families with parent player and children | £17 | £170
Families with 2+children | £17 | £170
Senior Player | £14 | £140
U21 and Student | £7 | £70
Vice Presidents | £7 | £70
Social Member | £30

Families: When setting up your account please include both parents or guardians and include individual e mail addresses. Both parents have the benefit of being Members, not just the children. We are keen to increase the ability of parents to socialise at the Club and build lasting friendships. Put parent details on the system first and then provide details of children on separate pages when asked. As a parent select Supporters Group. This way we put children into the right team. There will be a page for each person. It also means we can communicate with both parents. Include your children's e mail address if you want them to be included in the correspondence and newsletters about what is happening at the club. This becomes especially important in the Colts because the club managers and parents all expect children(young adults)in the Colts to become more responsible for organising themselves.

Please note that if you choose to pay by instalments, this is now over 10 months (the length of the season) instead of 12. We have stopped taking fees by standing order and so please remember to cancel any old membership standing orders, as the club cannot do this on your behalf. We will be treating any future payments by standing order as donations and you will not be on our membership database to receive communications.

If you are registering as a parent coach, please register as a family group . You will be able to select the coach option within that membership category.

For all family groups PLEASE ENTER PARENTS FIRST followed by children.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the registration process, please contact


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