Amy Jane Dicker

I hate not being with you

By Charlie Turner, 2nd Jun 2010

I am so sorry for being a dumb dick. I'm mad about you, your just the most amazing person i have ever come across. Your smart, funny and just absolutely beautiful. Inside and outside, it makes me smile just thinking about it. When im not with you, like when i have to work, i miss you. Your on my mind all day. No matter what you might think of yourself, i dont think like that. I think extremely highly of you. You mean the absolute world to me, i am trying to be as understanding as possible, and i am flattered that you feel comfortable talking to me about your problems. Im always here for you, i aint going anywhere, not even if you want me too!! Only joking, that would be classed as stalking! But i want to be there for you, i dont want you being upset, tired hurt hungry or even angry, you deserve better than that and i am going to make it my sole objective to make sure i deliver this for you.


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