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Happy Days Are Here Again.

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Maybe not quite yet, but it has been heartening to see the lads remain so competitive through what has been a difficult season results wise. Well done to the players and coaching team. Very enjoyable afternoon for the Rochdale match. Good rugby,lovely day, great day for the sponsors and their guests. Let's enjoy the rest of the season, we owe Carlisle one next week, but let's also look forward to next season with some optimism that we have the quality to bounce back up again. I agree with Adrian in another post who voices the opinion that we are in a stronger position than the last time we were relegated.
Also interesting to see how well Kirby Lonsdale have done since being relegated last year with so few points. This year they have been up at the top of N Lancs/Cumbria with our friends from Fleetwood. No reason why we can't emulate that next season.
Maybe it was the vision of Linesman in his holiday shorts and sunglasses ,plus Norman doing his Bing Crosby impression on Saturday which has prompted my optimism. But I'm not wrong am I?
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Looking ahead; the make up of next season’s North Lancs and Cumbria League will provide easier travelling for the Cumbrian sides.

I detail below a ‘possible’ 14 for the league. However, the final make-up will depend on play-offs. There will of course be some geographical issues for the Manchester clubs e.g. If Broughton Park come down will they join this league and displace Didsbury or just go to another regional league.

1. Wigton
2. Aspatria
3. Kirkby Lonsdale
4. Eccles
5. Blackburn
6. Upper Eden
7. Aldwinians
8. Heaton Moor
9. St Benedicts
10. Didsbury
11. Workington
12. Egremont
13. Keswick
14. Whitehaven

Assumptions made

 Wigton join us in being relegated
 Kirkby Lonsdale lose the play-off game
 Whitehaven win the play-off game

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Thanks for this Barney,useful information. Nine out of 14 Cumbrian teams, will help the problems of travelling. I'm sure we can thrive in this League. Am I the only one thinking that it would be a help if Wigton stay up?
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Barney, if you remember, last season there was a ballot amongst interested clubs about a change in how teams were to be allocated in the Northern Division.
IF the results of that are brought in and IF it went as proposed, It is possible that the North Lancs / Cumbria and South Lancs / Cheshire 1 leagues MAY be re-organised by drawing a line at the A580 for the North / South divide in which case the Cumbrian travelling may be slightly less. This could mean, IF the re-organisation were to be implemented, that Tyldesley and maybe even West Park St. Helens would level transfer 'up North' at the expense of more Southerly clubs (Didsbury Toc H, Heaton Moor etc.).
I am sure you will see all the IFs and BUTs in there and treat this post with caution. There is a lot of doubt about what could happen, and there is a lot of time left in this season and the close season for all sorts of things to happen!
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Andrew, thanks for the input. Any idea when the issue will be decided?

The last few seasons have seen a few clubs south of Blackburn getting into the 'wrong' league and it makes sense to readjust the position. The only downside is that we may not get to Heaton Moor and I will miss my pre match banter with Moorman.

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Sorry, Barney. I don't even know if it's up for decision. If it is then the North Competitions Committee would be my starting point.
No doubt that if this is up for decision then there will be almost as much to-ing and fro-ing as there is with the new Cumbrian proposal / decision of 'play in Cumbria only'.
As Peter says above, 9 out of 14 Cumbrian teams will have reduced travelling problems but the consequence of that is that 5 out of 14 'other teams' will have increased travelling problems.
My own view is that the area from Cumbria to Cheshire should be split 'vertically' not 'horizontally' thereby giving every team long journeys, but fewer over the season than in the current set up thus sharing the pain a little more equitably.
Hypothetically, it would be wrong for NL/C to have, say, 12 Cumbrian teams and two from Lancashire, one of whom could be Tyldesley, as the travelling burden would probably bankrupt those two clubs both financially and by losing players. As previous threads have said, the goal for us all is to get more people playing rugby than drive them away from the game.
Oh, and just to throw another spanner in the works, your league prediction also assumes that Kirkby will not be automatically promoted - a feat which is not beyond them as they still have to welcome Fleetwood to Underley Park.

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Fair point Andrew - Last season Fleetwood traveled to Bower Park needing a win and we turned them over. Made all the difference as Fleetwood then lost the play-off. However, I don't feel they will miss out this time around - lesson learned.

Interesting idea to split vertically - have never heard this one mentioned before.

At Aspatria we know all about isolation. In our last relegation season - 2 years ago - we were the only Cumbrian club in a league that was essentially Manchester based. Our nearest fixture was the 2.25 hour trek down to Vale of Lune. I can assure anyone that having to travel into deepest Lancashire 13 times with anything like a full strength team is near impossible. At least this time we have had Wigton and Carlisle to keep us company.

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Good win at Carlisle for Aspatria ,further boosting my optimism for next season. Another battling win for Wigton, I think that we want them to stay up.


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