Aylesbury RFC

15th April 2012 – Oxford Harlequins v Aylesbury (Friendly)


15th April 2012 – Oxford Harlequins v Aylesbury (Friendly)

Oxford 40 : 0 Aylesbury

Well this seems to becoming the norm now, another sunny day (although rather cold) for our fixture away at Oxford Harlequins. It made a pleasant change to be playing away and for there to be lots of familiar Aylesbury faces around; the U11s and U12s were also playing fixtures at the Marston Ferry Road ground (I hope they did better than we did!).

We did not have a good turn out with only 16 players available; however the fact that Oxford only had 15 players saved us from too much embarrassment as far as numbers go. We were rather lacking backs and so had to play a number of forwards out of position, which didn’t help things much. It is very difficult for the team when there aren’t appropriate players for the positions.

Having not played Oxford since minis, we really didn’t know what to expect and 10 minutes into the game we were all rather hopeful, as we seemed to be dominating play and keeping good possession. The Oxford defence though were very strong and we just couldn’t make it the last few metres to get a score. However, this dominance was not to last and Oxford soon came back. Their defence was very strong, as was their rucking and breakdown play. Aylesbury were again weak on rucking and let ourselves down a bit with missed tackles, some bad passing and general mistakes which Oxford exploited to the full. It didn’t really come together for us today and I think we were soundly beaten by the better side on the day. Having said that, I don’t think it would really have taken too much more for us to have given Oxford a far better run for their money. Perhaps some better attended training sessions would make a difference?

Man of the Match for the A’s was shared between Lidders, Callum and Gareth who really put some good effort in today.

Let’s see if we can pull it together for the last two games of the season and show everyone what we all know we are capable of.