BAA Heathrow (Sunday) FC

BAA Heathrow (Sunday) FC

Player Interviews

By Administrator, 28th Jul 2014

During the 5 year history of the clubs forum the player interview feature proved to be very popular. Players gave there views, opinions and shared memories with all as they look back at their career with BAA and choose their all time BAA starting eleven!!

Previous interviews include Vish Varma, Mark McCormick, Trevor Bishop, Ash Banymandhub, Gary Beckey, Anthony Ebelle-Ebanda, Simon Wetherall and the last one Gary Chandler back in 2012.

The Interviews are now live on the website and you can visit the home page here to have a read, laugh, cringe and perhaps agree or disagree with former players and managers.

But it's about time we had some new Player Interviews, if you are interested then contact the website or your team manager and let the webmaster know who will be in touch and raise some questions for you.

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