Fundraising Golden Goal tickets are on sale around Jenner Park prior to each Barry home match, at a cost of only £1 per card.

Tickets can be purchased from agents Tim Johnson (East Stand) and Sheila Churchill (West Stand).

Each ticket will contain a number, from 1-90. If your ticket matches the time of the opener, you win a cash prize, collectable at the match. All the remaining proceeds then will go towards helping the club.

The official Golden Goal time will be confirmed over the tannoy announcement system shortly after the deadlock is broken.

Mr. Kerslake became our first Golden Goal winner since the scheme's re-launch, claiming the winning ticket against Treowen Stars on Tuesday 21st January 2014.

The Golden Goal was scored that evening by skipper James Saddler, in the 12th minute.

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Golf Days Barry players, staff and supporters took part in a successful golf day in St. Nicholas on Friday 11t


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