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Jimmy Ellis RIP - Funeral Arrangements Confirmed

By Paul Skelly, 4th Apr 2013

To all my Dad's friends at Beckenham Rugby Club,

It is with much sadness that my dad, Jimmy Ellis, passed away yesterday, 3rd April 2013. I know he had some great friends at the club many of which he had known for many years and he has taken many fond memories with him of a great gang.

I hope everyone will raise many a glass to a great dad, man and rugby player whose second, and sometimes first home was always and will always be Beckenham Rugby Club.

For those who wish to come, the Funeral is confirmed for 19th April 2013, Dad will be leaving Beckenham Rugby Club for his last tour at 13-15 sharp. He will be going to Beckenham Crematorium (Elmers End) for 13-30. Then after we will be celebrating his life back at the rugby club.

I would like the day to be a celebration of dad's life, so would be happy for anyone wishing to come to be in rugby shirts or bright clothing, but if you do want to wear traditional funeral colours then please feel free to.
Thank you all

Maureen Ellis


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  1. John McEwan 1 year ago

    Ellis Family - Similar to Rex, Jimmy welcomed me to the Breckenham Rugby Club, and the Golden Lion, in the early 80's. As a New Zealander, rugby has always been a great bonding faternity, and BRC was no different thanks to personalities such as Jimmy. Great memories and we will raise a glass in his name.

    John and Leanne

  2. Roger Haywood 1 year ago

    Maureen it was wonderful what a turnout it was was a pleasure to be there ,and to meet friends from Sweden I havnt seen for over 30 years,God bless to Jimmy he will live on joining many Truckers in that Truckstop in the sky

  3. maureen ellis 1 year ago

    I would like to say a big thank you to Brian,Paul,Terry,little Ted and Rory for all your surport You have all been amazing and it means a lot.Rory thank you for going on Dads last walk down the drive with me I know it was hard for you,and your support at the cream.And to all of BRFC thanks for giving Dad a good send of what a turn out thanks for all you nice words you all said about him.

    Love Maureen xx

  4. paul smith 1 year ago

    Is it ok for people to wear club colours if they don't have a shirt I've had a few people ask???

  5. maureen ellis 1 year ago

    yes of course it is, as you will know my dad loved all sport and Especially his rugby, both beckenham and england.

    If anyone is unsure just wear what you want to !

  6. Roger Haywood 1 year ago

    What a shock just found out about Jimmy as an Ex Middle East Truck driver who knew Jimmy on his travels ,I will be attending the funeral ,condolences to all family and freinds

  7. Alistair Macfarlane 1 year ago

    Absolutely gutted by this news.
    Jimmy was a great bloke and looked out for me when i moved to Anerley and joined the club in the eighties.
    Had many a laugh in the Golden Lion and on the pitch.
    I'm so glad i managed to have a few beers with him a couple of years ago.
    You'll be sorely missed my friend.

  8. Martin Potts 1 year ago

    We can only echo the thoughts of Rex above. Jimmy was a great friend and we only have very fond memories. We had some amazing times together with him and all our other friends at Beckenham. He will be sorely missed and our thoughts are with Maureen at this sad time. With much love.

    Martin and Pat Potts (Edinburgh)

  9. Rex McDonald 1 year ago

    This news is so, so sad. Jimmy was a great mate. Jimmy introduced me to the 'finer points' of the English culture - Real Ale and English Rugby. We had so many great times at Beckenham RFC. Easter Tours, Golden Lion, holidays and trips to Manchester. Times I will never forget. I owed Jimmy a pint after the All Black's lost to England in 2012. We were to meet in London, in September of this year, to settle the bet. I will be there but sadly Jimmy will be absent. Jimmy has left 'life long' impressions on myself, and my family.

    RIP Jimmy, you will never be forgotten.

    Rex McDonald (New Zealand)

  10. maureen ellis 1 year ago

    Lovely poem from Dave and Julie Blunt

    Dear Jimmy

    We wanted to put some things to share
    To let you know we really care
    From fellow drivers we wish to say
    A gentleman of the road every day
    We changed some oil, and engines too
    Stood in queues on borders few
    As drivers we’re a special team
    We’re brothers on the road we mean
    The Saudi days so long ago
    Friends were made that never go
    God bless, goodnight to a real good mate
    We’ll meet up at a later date
    We hope that rugby pitch up in the sky
    Will be ready for this eagle eye
    Watch out for illegal passes and for scrums
    Jimmy will be there with all his chums
    It just remains for us to say
    We’re sorry that you’ve gone away
    We will always remember when we can
    Jimmy this special lovely man.

    Love Dave and Julie Blunt South Wales

  11. Christopher Kinch 1 year ago

    Very sad news. A true club man who leaves great memories.

  12. Pedro Potticus 1 year ago

    Jimmy had a good BRFC WideAwake Thursday night drink toasting him and the club last night, Billy you were there in spirit I know mate.

  13. Bill Hood 1 year ago

    i am very shocked and so very sad Jimmy was a great bloke
    known Jimmy for so long ,good friend and my mentor when i first played at Beckenham his encouragement and advice took me from the B2s to the !st team
    has been a year almost to the day since i had a beer with him in the club
    stuck in thailand at the moment but will try to get back
    will miss him have some great memories


  14. Pedro Potticus 1 year ago

    RIP Jimmy, I'll be there tonight mate.

  15. JOHN JACKSON 1 year ago

    Top man who will be sorely missed by all that knew him.

  16. Tracy Lock 1 year ago

    RIP favourite uncle your forever be in out hearts miss and love you loads your favourite niece Tracy

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