Bedlinog RFC

Bedlinog RFC

It’s good night from me and it’s good night from him

By Paddy McNally, 28th Jul 2012

Lyn Jones (Dibble) and Lyn Jones (Beard) stepped down from the roles after 26 and 22 years respectively. The pair have worked tirelessly taking the club far beyond anybodies expectations all the way to division one which is where they intend to return.
Congratulations to Robert Grzesica who is only the 3rd person to become chairman of Bedlinog RFC in it’s proud 40 year history. Robert loves a challenge and his work in the club has not gone unnoticed picking up clubman of the year on numerous occasions. He has the very best wishes from everybody in the club and has already recruited several new committee members to the fold.
” It promises to be very exciting times ahead, I’ve only made 1 decision so far and that is the silver boots are staying!”
In his closing speech at the clubs AGM Lyn (Dibble) thanked everyone who has helped the club since it formed 40 years ago and wished the new Chairman and committee all the very best for the future. Lyn won’t be going anywhere and will always be here for the club. Lyn has captained and coached the club at the same time as being chair and has played his part on the field as well. After returning from stints with Tredegar and Cross keys the highlight of his Bedlinog days was playing in the 1988 winning Brewers team and who will ever forget that interception in the semi final? Taking a trip down memory lane he went on to highlight other outstanding achievements the club had made including another Brewers win in 1998, the meteoric rise up the leagues claiming league titles on the way, winning the Ivor Jones and Keith Jones Cups and the Llanelli match to name but a few. “It has been a honour and a privilege to be part of this club and I’m proud of what we have achieved. I’m sure Robert will do an excellent job as chair, he has been a fantastic committee man - he is Bedlinog RFC through and through”
Lyn (Beard)also stepped down as Treasurer after 22 years as a committee man. Lyn’s role was somewhat forced on him by then chairman the late great Ray ‘Bomber’ Bridges who took Lyn to one side as a youngster and said, “Listen Lyn you are quite academic we have not got many like you in the club. How do you fancy being on the committee.” Knowing Bomber that wasn’t a question but an instruction as he was not a man you could say no to, and the rest is history. Lyn has done a fantastic job practically in the last couple of years where many clubs and pubs have gone bust Lyn has kept Bedlinogs accounts looking good. Lyn was also part of the Brewers team in ’88 and captained the seconds for years. Known as the Beard because he was the only man in the club with a beard, Lyn has also vowed to help out and will always be on hand if needed.
Thanks for all you work guys


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  1. phill rowlands over 3 years ago

    Dibs a bit tight for that Wynne he to old to change now .

  2. phill rowlands over 3 years ago

    Dibble appsolute legend Wynne and a top Guy.

  3. Wynne Rowe over 3 years ago

    Dibble's main problem is that his red wine stock is rubbish but even then he doesn't like sharing. Get across to Sydney Dib. I owe you a bottle. (or two)

  4. Wynne Rowe over 3 years ago

    My thoughts go back to our very first year, based at the Station Hotel. Probably the best year of my life. That statement is huge. You were there, so you know what I mean!
    .... but then I went away.

    Watched you and Bedlinog RFC from afar, for many a long year.
    All the very best old mate. You have been wonderful for the club.

    Robert Grzesica? Not sure about him. Still owes me a beer, but then my memory is hazy as I was drinking with him and Gnome at the time. (I actually think Robert is terrific)(and Gnome too)(even though I do owe Gnome a carton of Guinness form the NZ World Cup)

    Love Bedlinog and its RFC.
    Perhaps I've been away too long, but my heart is always with you.

    All the very best,
    Wynne Rowe

  5. phill rowlands over 3 years ago

    Congratulations to you both for what you both have done for Bedlinog RFC and services to the game all the best to you both.