binbrook pool

binbrook pool

captains cup

By richard trusler, 30th Dec 2011

R Trusler and A Day were drawn against each other in the first round of the captains cup
The first game was a real tense game with R Trusler just winning-
1 v 0
The second game R Trusler messed up two shots to go into a 2 v 0 lead
and let A Day in to make it -1 v 1
The third game started with A Day in control but a good saftey from R Trusler got him two shots which was enough to win the game - 2v 1
The fourth game was very close with R Trusler getting two shots and makikng a mess of them giving A Day two shots A Day played a red into the bottom pocket with the black sitting over the middle pocket but rattled the red . the red come out and was unpottable, After a few more shots R Trusler just scrapped the game to win- 3 v 1


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  1. daniel wales over 3 years ago

    its gonna be messy

  2. richard trusler over 3 years ago

    looking forward to the big game i think we owe you one for knocking us out of the cup last season

  3. daniel wales over 3 years ago

    im not doubting the class of a man he was playing, there is still chance for him to redeem himself at the big derby on thursday

  4. richard trusler over 3 years ago

    dont be to hard on ady your forgetting what a class plyer he was playing

  5. daniel wales over 3 years ago

    as a member of the b team i was shocked to hear about the final outcome, many congratulations to R Trusler, but there is now a vacancy for the b team captain.