Blackburn RUFC

Blackburn RUFC

Liverpool St.Helens 11 - 19 Blackburn

by Gerard Knight

Saints Stunned by Battle Hardened Blues. On a dusty 'case hardened' pitch that took no prisoners, Blackburn emerged victorious.

Effective passing, superior speed, artful dodging and tenacious tagging summed up the Blackburn Under 8’s match against Liverpool St. Helens. The pace was set by Blackburn and maintained throughout the match giving little hope for the struggling Saints. There were tries for nearly all of the Blackburn players and the ones not scoring held a firm offensive line. The passing was a pleasure to watch and even had the opposition diving for cover.

The score could have been higher for Blackburn had the referee been a little firmer, however, all the lads from both sides appreciated the fair natured official (take heed Tarleton).
The final whistle blew ending the match in Blackburn’s favour 19 – 11.

Well done lads, contact training commences this week, this will be a good chance to see how strong you are against the bare legged Gaelic guy.

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