Blackburn RUFC

Blackburn RUFC

'Burn too hot for "poor old" Trafford

by John O'Ryan

Another Sunday morning, another tremendous performance by everyone; players, parents, and our great hosts, Trafford MV (Mostly Victorious?). The day started brightly but by the time I drove past Bolton the rain was biblical (Moist Verges?), and by the time we got to Sale, the temp had dropped severely, a nasty wind chill had developed, and we got a little soaking just to make us feel right at Ramsgreave home (Mini Valet?). We were short a few two full sides, St Georges parades taking a toll on our number, but Trafford kindly offered us 5 players to make us up to two 8 a side squads (Might valiant!!)

And so to play - in a nutshell we were once again brilliant. Everyone stuck brilliantly to their tasks, sure with the usual first half jitters, nerves and missed chances, but after a few swift reminders of our basics, Keep you positions, show them the line, we were back on track and forcing the Traffordonians back into their gilt lined shopping centers. (Miffed, Vanquished)

Next week sees a full turn out at the famous Rochdale tournament, where I sincerely believe we have a great chance to see of all comers. Thanks once again to Richard for his help in coaching and see you all before 10.00.

MV = Metro Vics.

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