Blackburn RUFC

Blackburn RUFC
By David Scott | 18th April 2012

Getting to know....Anton Garcia

Getting to know....Anton Garcia image

Name? Antonio Garcia
Nickname? Anton
Position? Centre
First rugby memory? U14 rugby league
Rugby idol growing up? Jason Robinson
Favourite current player? Thomas Leuluai
Favourite sport other than rugby? Football
Favourite food? Italian
Favourite music? Any
Favourite film? Shawshank Redemtion/Dumb and Dumber
Which celebrity do people say you look like? Shrek (Suggestion from wife)
What was the last movie/TV show that made you cry/tear up? The Champ
Ideal dinner guest? The wife
Favourite holiday destination? Majorca
Do you have any hidden talents? Falling over drunk with hands in pocket
Describe yourself in 3 words? Loud, stupid, filthy

Beach or Snow? Beach
The Times or The Sun? The Sun
Wine or Beer? Both
City or Country? City
Wilkinson or Carter? Neither
Backs or Forwards? Backs
X Factor or Strictly? X Factor
Megan Fox or Rihanna? Megan Fox

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