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It is recommended that players use football or rugby boots with studs preferred over blades. Boots with a single stud at the toe of the boot are not allowed. Studs should have a British Standards Kite mark. Either studs or blades they must comply with the requirements of the RFU (Rule 4) which can be summed up by saying they should not have sharp edges. Studs or blades with sharp edges pose a serious danger to other players, particularly in the older age groups where there is more likelihood of players lying on the ground. Unless boots have moulded plastic soles, it is important that studs are examined regularly to ensure missing studs are replaced and rough edges are smoothed. Plastic studs should not be used.

Gum shield.

It is advisable to wear a gum shield from the time you start playing even if it is tag rugby. Gum shields are compulsory as soon as you start to tackle. From the U9's if you do not have a gum shield with you then you will not be allowed to play. A boil and bite gum shield or a dentist made gum shield are acceptable - the choice is down to you and your parents.

Scrum cap.

Head protection is not compulsory it is up to you and your parents.


If any player suffers a knock which results in momentary unconsciousness, confusion, memory loss or unsteadiness, then there is evidence of definite concussion. The player in question should be taken from the field of play. Please note that in any event, irrespective of their age, the player has a compulsory twenty one days off rugby.

IRFU-Guide-to-Concussion +++ Click here to open +++

Tetanus Injection.

If not already done players should have a preventative course of tetanus injections. General Practitioners should be able to advise.

Responsibilities of Parents, Coaches and Managers.

Coaches and managers cannot take legal responsibility for those players whose parents leave them during training sessions, tournaments and games. If parents have to leave the ground for any reason during a training session, tournament or game, they should appoint a fellow parent to be responsible for their child.

Medical or Other Conditions.

If you have any particular condition such as asthma or diabetes which may affect your playing, please inform your respective team manager or coach and ensure this is recorded on your registration form under the medical section.

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RFU Frequently asked questions on health issues +++ Click here to open +++

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