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  1. Club News 8 days ago

    Training for the 26th and 27th of Aug only

    By Paul Johnson

    Training location changed for 1 week only. View News Item »

  2. Club News 12 days ago

    Get Involved - NEW Comms Role for the club

    By Richard Trett

    We are keen to improve the way the club communicates with and interacts with our members. Could you help? View News Item »

  1. Members 9 hours ago
    • Tom Liles joined as a club member and supporter
  2. Club News 7 days ago

    The Wylie Veterinary Centre have continued their sponsorship of the club

    By Paul Johnson

    Brentwood Hockey Club are pleased to announce that The Wylie Veterinary Centre have continued their sponsorship of the club. View News Item »

  3. Club News 12 days ago

    Dates for the 2014/5 Social Events

    By Richard Trett

    Dates for the key Social Events of 2014-5 have been planned. There will be more, but the key dates for your diary are as follows:. View News Item »

  4. Club News 12 days ago

    Club Fundraising - Mars Milk Sport Fund

    By Richard Trett

    Brentwood Hockey Club have entered the Mars Milk Sport Fund competition. Please vote for the club! View News Item »

  5. Members 12 days ago
  6. Men's 3rd Team News 13 days ago
    Men's 3rd Team
  7. Members 18 days ago
  8. Men's 3rd Team News 1 month ago
    Men's 3rd Team
  9. Club News 1 month ago

    Mixed 2014-2015

    By Susan Trett

    Essex Mixed entry 2014. View News Item »

  10. iPhone App 2 months ago

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