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The club shall be called ‘’BRIGHTLINGSEA REGENT FOOTBALL CLUB’’, and shall be
Affiliated to the Essex County Football Association.


a) Its objectives shall to be to provide association football for its members and such additional social and recreational pursuits as may be deemed desirable and the supply of refreshments to members and their quests.
b) Equality Statement
The club if fully committed to the principles of the equality of opportunity.
No Participant, volunteer, job applicant or employee of the club will receive less
Favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, colour, disability, ethnic origin,
parental or marital status, religious belief, social class or sexual preference than any
other. The club will ensure that there is open access for all those who wish to
participate in the activities of the club, in whatever capacity and that they are treated

The club recognises its legal obligations not to discriminate and will regard discrim-
ination by any employee, participant or volunteer as grounds for disciplinary action
under the relevant club rules.

c) Child welfare statement
The club recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children, young people and vulnerable adults who are in membership of the club. The club will aim to provide good quality football in a safe environment by adopting the procedures and working practices of the Football Association of Wales Welfare Policy.


a) The officers shall consist of Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Hon Treasurer, Hon Secretary, General Manager (Senior Football), General Manager (Junior Football)
General Manager (social), Membership Secretary, Sports Association Chairman. Every
candidate for office shall be proposed and seconded by two members. The name of each candidate shall be sent in writing to the Secretary 14 days at least before the Annual General Meeting accompanied by an indication from the candidate of his willingness to serve if elected. General Managers will chair their subsequent committees. A list of these names shall be affixed to the notice board of the club seven days at least before the Annual General Meeting.
Should there be more than one candidate for any office a ballot will be taken at the AGM.
There is no fixed term of office for any officer and any officer may be available for re-election. All Social and Associate members not being under 18 years of age shall have one vote for each vacancy and no member shall give more than one vote to any candidate.

b) Any of the officers shall be removable at any time by an Extraordinary General Meeting.
c) Any officers shall vacate his office and is suspended from membership or on ceasing membership from any cause.
d) In the event of a vacancy between AGM’S the general committee shall appoint a person
from the club membership to fill this. The person so appointed shall retain office until the next AGM.
e) The Presidents shall be ex-officio.
f) The Presidents or a nominated trustee will chair the elections at an AGM.

a) The club shall be managed by a General Committee of not more than ten officers. The
General Committee shall meet three times per annum meetings shall be duly recorded in a minute book and signed by the Chairman. At meetings of the general committee five shall form a quorum.
The Committee so elected may have power to fill any vacancies as may arise and to co-opt members as and when necessary.
b) The general committee may elect persons to honorary life membership, persons of distinction or those who have rendered valuable service to the club. They will not pay any subscription.
c) The General Committee who shall appoint a person from the Clubs’ membership shall fill any vacancy. The person so appointed shall retain office until the next AGM
The General Committee may make, vary and revoke by-laws (not inconsistent with these rules) for the internal regulation of the club and conduct of the member. Such by-laws shall be binding on all members, and will be placed before the next AGM OR EGM for ratification.
d) At the first meeting of the newly appointed General Committee a sun-committee to be called ‘’ BRIGHTLINGSEA REGENT SOCIAL CLUB COMMITTEE’’ shall be elected from members.
e) The Social Committee shall have a maximum of ten members and shall elect from these members a Social Secretary, Social Treasurer.
The Social Committee is to be responsible for the following:-
1. The acquisition and supply of alcoholic drinks for members
2. The conduct of the bar
3. Ensuring the club is registered with the magistrate’s court under the provisions of the licensing act.
4. Ensuring that all requirements of the National Insurance Acts are complied with in so far
as they affect paid employees and further, that the social club is insured against liability
for accidents occurring to the club servants and also against fire and burglary.
5. Appointing from its number a ‘’bar manager’’
6. The Social Committee shall meet monthly or as near to and copies of the signed minutes
of all such meetings shall be presented for approval to the General Committee, together
with quarterly financial accounts in writing. At these meetings four shall form a quorum.
7. The club auditors appointed at the AGM shall audit the accounts of the social committee and an audited balance sheet will be presented at the AGM for adoption.
8. No person shall receive at the expense of the club any commission, percentage or similar
payment on or with reference to purchase of intoxicating liquor by the club. Nor shall any person directly or indirectly derive any pecuniary benefit from the supply or sale of
intoxicating liquor by or on behalf of the club members or others, part from the benefit
accruing to the club as a whole.
9. No intoxicating liquor shall be supplied to members or to any other persons on the club
Premises otherwise than by or on behalf of the club.
10. Guests. Members may introduce guests to the clubroom. Guests must enter their name and address in the visitors book provided. The member who will be responsible for the conduct of the guest must endorse the entry. The member for the duration of the visit must accompany guests. If any member introduces a visitor who, in the opinion of the General Committee shall be deemed objectionable, the offending member shall render himself or herself to expulsion.

6 a) The Senior football sub-committee shall consist of a General Manager, Treasurer,
Secretary, Fixture Secretaries, Head grounds man, Stadium and media manager,
Programme editor, Commercial manager and Hospitality manager. The committee shall
be made up of team managers/coaches/physios and team captains. Appointment of
managers and coaches shall be at the discretion of the senior football committee.

b) The Junior football sub-committee shall consist of a General Manager, Treasurer,
Secretary, Fixture secretary, Welfare officer, Charter standard officer. The sub
committee shall be made up of all managers and coaches who shall be appointed at the
discretion of the Junior football committee.

The Senior and Junior football sub-committees shall be responsible for setting their
annual subscriptions each year.

d) The Senior and Junior committees shall be responsible for ‘The players and parents codes of conduct’.
e) A Supporters association may be formed which will consist of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
f) All sub-committees will meet at intervals expedient to themselves with a minimum of three meetings per annum.

No member may introduce a guest who is entitled to membership under rule 8.1 but who has not taken up or has been refused membership.

No person whose membership of the club has been rejected, or terminated under rule
7.4 shall be introduced as a guest.

a) Trustees
There shall not be less than two or more than four trustees, who shall be appointed as
necessary by the General committee. Such a duly appointed trustee shall hold office until such time as he/she resigns by notice in writing to the committee, to oversee the
control of the clubs physical assets, or, until a resolution to remove him/her shall be passed at a general meeting of members by a majority comprising of two thirds of the
members present and entitled to vote. All property of the club shall be vested in the
trustees as from time to time appointed and the trustees shall act in all respects as
regards such property, land or investment in strict accordance with the directions of the
committee. They shall have the power to sell, lease, and mortgage or pledge any club property for the purpose of raising or borrowing money for the benefit of the club, in
accordance with the committee’s directions. The liability of each and every trustee shall
be limited to the extent of such funds of the club as may be actually received by him/her.
b) The general committee shall have authority to appoint such sub-committees as may
from time to time be deemed necessary and shall receive regular reports of such sub-
committees at its meetings. The General Committee will approve the membership and
terms of reference of each sub-committee.
Sub committees may include-Match day & Ground, Playing, Social, Finance, BRC & Youth
Development, Commercial, Media & PR, Secretarial. A member of the General committee will chair each sub-committee and subject to the approval of the General Committee will co-opt other General Committee members and/or club members as may be deemed appropriate.

To provide strategic leadership
To agree and implement annual business plans budgets and targets.
To commission and receive specific development plans
To prepare annual reports to members
To empower members and supporters through an effective sub-committee structure
To receive reports and consider recommendations from sub-committees
To have overall control of all the finances of the club.

c) Any member of the General Committee shall be empowered to order the immediate
withdrawal of a member whose conduct is prejudicial to the good order of the club and who after warning persists therein. The matter must be reported to the General Committee at the next meeting, and if ratified must be communicated to the offending
person in writing within seven days of the meeting. Members expelled have the right of
appeal to a full meeting of the General Committee. The suspended member concerned
shall be given seven days’ notice in writing of the meeting and should have the opportunity of appearing before it. Any full member may represent him and both he and his representative may make representations.
If the General Committee decides to reject or terminate the membership of any persons
then that person may appeal to a General Meeting of the club. Notice of appeal must be
given within seven days of the decision of the General Committee and a General Meeting must be called within six weeks. Notice is required under rule 7 and must be given. The decision of the General Meeting, which shall be by a majority vote, shall be final and conclusive. If a person whose membership has been terminated by the General Committee gives notice of his intention to appeal to a general meeting, then his
membership shall remain suspended until such time as the appeal is heard.

d) The General Committee shall have authority to declare a seat vacant should a member
absent himself from three consecutive meetings without any explanation deemed to be
satisfactory. For this purpose an attendance at any sub-committee meeting shall be
considered acceptable.

a) Membership shall consist of an unlimited number of members.
b) The membership secretary shall keep a register of members.
c) A member wishing to resign shall give notice to this effect in writing to the Membership Secretary, such notice to be accompanied by payment of club dues at that date.
d) Members may at any time be asked to verify their membership to a General Committee

The membership shall consist of the following headings:
Social (ordinary membership)
Any one person over the age of eighteen can be a social member of the club. This type of membership shall carry voting rights equal to one vote.
Associate Membership
Associate membership
Any one person over the age of eighteen who represents the club as an elected officer,
Committee member, manager, coach or a registered footballer, registered dart or pool team member can be an associate member of the club at a reduced fee to that of a
Social (ordinary) member. This type of membership shall carry voting rights equal to one vote.

Junior Membership
Any person under the age of eighteen can be a junior member of the club. This type of
membership is free and does not carry any voting rights. This type of member is permitted to use the facilities but is not permitted to vote.

Annual subscriptions shall be due and payable on the 1st August each year.

a) The Social and Associate subscription shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting. Annual subscriptions shall be due and payable on the 1st August each year.
If any member fails to pay his subscription within 30 days of the due date he shall be considered in arrears and notice of the default shall be sent to him in writing by the Secretary. If the sum due were not paid within fourteen days after such notice has been sent he shall cease to be a member. No member in arrears shall be permitted to make use of the club or take part in its affairs.

a) The financial year shall end on 31st May and the AGM will be held in June each year and no longer than 15 months will lapse between AGM’S.
b) Notice of such Annual General Meeting shall be exhibited on the club notice board at least twenty one days before the date appointed for the meeting.
c) Notice of any motion for inclusion in the Agenda of the Annual General Meeting must be submitted in writing to the Secretary within seven days of the posting of the notice summoning the meeting
d) The Agenda for the Annual General Meeting shall be posted on the club notice board for at least seven clear days before the date appointed for the meeting. No business other than that specified in the Agenda shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting.
e) At the Annual General Meeting the Secretary’s report and an audited balance sheet shall be presented to the members.
f) At the Annual General Meeting members will elect the officers and members of the General Committee from the list previously displayed according to rules 4.1, 5.1 and 5.2.
g) Two members/NON members shall be appointed as Auditors for the following year at each AGM.

The Secretary shall summon special general meetings as follows:-
a) At the direction of the General Committee giving not less than seven clear days’ notice to the members.
b) Upon a request forwarded to the Secretary signed by one-fifth of the members or thirty members, whichever is the less, stating the objects of such a meeting? Meetings summoned under this paragraph shall be held not less than fourteen days and not more
Than twenty one days from the date of receipt of the request by the Secretary. (Notice of any special General Meeting and the object for which it is called shall be exhibited on the club notice board). At a special General Meeting one fifth of the members or thirty members whichever is the less shall form a quorum and no other business except that for which the meeting has been convened shall be brought before a special meeting.

12 No resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting shall be
rescinded unless notice of the intention to propose such a rescission shall have been
given to the Secretary at least 21 days before the date appointed for the subsequent
Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.
at all General Meetings every member present shall have one vote on each resolution.

a) The General Committee shall cause to be kept proper books of accounts, which shall be audited yearly.
b) Official receipts for all monies shall be signed by the Hon. Treasurer and for matters relating to the bar and club premises also by the Social Committee Treasurer.
c) The Treasurers shall cause to be paid into the club’s bank accounts all such monies paid to them on behalf of the club at least once in every week and all monies should be transferred to the respective treasurer weekly.
d) Whenever possible all invoices should be paid to the Treasurer by cheque otherwise all accounts owing by the club and shall from time to time cause to be drawn from the club’s bank accounts money required for petty cash. These should be the exception.
e) The Treasurer of the committee to which they refer must sign all cheques. Together with either Chairman or Secretary of the Committee. Or the General Committee treasurer
f) The Treasurer shall if requested at any meeting produce the paying-in book, cash book, or bank statement for inspection showing that the foregoing duties have been carried out.
g) The Youth Section shall keep separate books and produce separate audited accounts. Although these shall be submitted to the Annual General meetings for information, those monies are for the use of the youth section only.

The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicating liquor shall be at such times as the bars may be open during the general permitted licensing hours for the Petty Sessional Division of
Mid North Essex.
These hours may be adjusted subject to extensions granted by Local Justices.

Intoxicating liquor may be supplied to members and their guests. The club may also supply intoxicating liquor for consumption on the premises to the following persons.
Members of clubs and bona fide organisation who are participating in games and social activities organised by the club and persons who attended the clubroom for the purpose of supporting such participants.
a) Intoxicating liquor may also be served to those attending any function organised at the club premises with the sanction of the committee.
b) No person under the age of 18 years may purchase or consume any intoxicating liquor on the club premises, nor play a gaming machine.


a) In the event of the club ceasing to exist and following the discharge of all debts and liabilities, any assets at the time of dissolution shall become the property of the (Trustees). No member shall obtain any asset from the club.
b) The club may be wound up upon a motion proposed and seconded by club members and passed by a two thirds majority at a special meeting convened for that purpose following a written request signed by (30) members of the club.
c) Should the club be wound up and there are surplus assets after payment of debts of the club, the surplus assets shall be transferred only to a club, competition or Affiliated Association or the Association FA rule 12d.

a) This constitution should be reviewed a minimum of once every two years.
b) Any amendments to the Constitution can only be agreed at the Club’s AGM.
c) Proposed additions to, alterations of the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary no less than 21 days before the date of the AGM. All suggested amendments should be signed and seconded. No motion involving amendment to eh Constitution may be proposed from the floor of a meeting.
d) In the event of a proposal for amending the Constitution being submitted, the Secretary shall inform the membership of the proposed motion not less than 14 days prior to the AGM.
e) Any amendments to the proposed motion duly proposed and seconded shall be submitted not later than seven days before the meeting.
f) Any alteration to the Constitution shall require a two thirds majority of members voting and present.
g) All matters arising that are not provided for by the Constitution will be dealt with by the Management Committee, whose decision shall be final.

The General Committee, the decision of which body shall be final and binding, shall deal with
any matters not governed by the foregoing rules.


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