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Tyers demands response

By User 410968, 20th Jun 2012

Tyers was left seething at the Academicals poor performance in what many dubbed the game of the season.
"We had to many players who did not show up on Friday, only one or two came out of the game with any credit. I have made it clear to those who didn't perform in the staff room this week and am expecting a response in Monday's game."
Many of the Academicals team have refused to comment on the call for use of video technology during games after being on the end of some controversial decisions on Friday.
Sam Williams looks set to step down as captain after the disappointing defeat on Friday despite his calm penalty.
Tyers commented "I am happy for Sam to continue as skipper but that choice is down to him."
As for penalty duties Tyers is clear on that subject "Sam Williams is a cool customer when it comes to spot kicks, nothing seems to phase him. He definitely has a german mindset when it comes to penalties. Sam has total confidence everytime he steps up"


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