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Broughton Rugby Club

Opponents fear the Yellow Peril of Mad Dog's new boots!

By Mark Brown, 17th Oct 2012

After a two-try display against Glasgow Uni, news reaches this website of Amy Neill and her new way of dazzling her opponents.

Neill, who travels from her new home in Rothesay on the Isle of Bute to play for the Wardie Foxes, apparently wanted "the brightest boots" she could find and was determined to get her nickname 'Mad Dog' on them!

Inspired by team mate Joanne Laing and after a quick search online, she stumbled upon the boots, pictured here, on the website.

Her bright idea nearly became a dark cloud of despair when they said they couldn't fit 'Mad Dog' onto a boot due to her tiny size 4 feet!

However, after snarling at the supplier, they offered to stitch Mad on one boot and Dog on the other!

Neil said, "I also got them because my old boots are falling apart... And if i had got these new boots at the beginning of last season, people would be saying 'all the gear and no idea'"

Of course, the Mad Dog Neill is one pint-sized tenacious wee ankle biter and a tough cookie who punches above her weight! This was reflected when Amy was nominated by her team mates last year as most improved player of the season.

She's now got the gear and her idea is to run rings round her opponents and bring more success!


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