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AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Broughton Park Football Club Annual General Meeting Part II (2012/2013) and Annual General Meeting Part I (2013/14)
Tuesday 13 May 2014
Present: Alan Bramhall (in the Chair), Alan McGown (President), Rob Loveday (Hon. Secretary) Jim Rochford (Treasurer), Adrian Curtis (Minutes) and 30 other members whose names are recorded on the official attendance sheet. (The meeting was quorate.)
Apologies: Barry Allen, Christine Barber, John O’Hara, Dave Pilkington, Pippa Ranson, Pablo Roffey, Phil Sutcliffe
Presentation and adoption of the balance sheets for the year ended March 31st 2013
Jim Rochford presented the accounts for 2012-13. He highlighted the following points:
* The headline figure is a loss of £36208, as compared with a loss of £32330 the previous year,
* Overheads have remained the same, at £151k.
* Income has fallen by £5.5k.
* Additional expenditure has included increased training costs and the subscription to Sky TV to enhance the bar.
* The trustees have invested in the introduction of a club-run bar.
* The sum of £12k which has been indicated as rent in the P&L account needs to be written out as the Council has waived rent until 31 March 2014. Discussions are ongoing regarding an extension of the waiver.
* In its first year the bar had showed a turnover of £49877, significantly higher than the £22k when it was run by the Hough End centre. It had more or less broken even. There had been a management fee of £12469 and staff costs of £4269.
Accounts for 2013-14 have not yet been prepared, but a similar outcome was anticipated with club revenue in the range of £110k to £115k. The trustees have invested in improving pitches 2 and 3. Bar revenue has grown to £62k with a profit in the region of £7k.
Looking ahead, the Bar Committee has been reconstituted with a view to helping Rob Jones and Kit Brammer to optimise profit opportunities which will flow back into the club. A business plan is currently being drafted for the benefit of the club and to help with negotiations with the council. Future income generating events would be the Summer Soirée, and the 2015 COM 7s. Consideration was being given to the installation of a permanent marquee.

Comments and questions arising from the presentation of the accounts included the following:
* Several people expressed concern that a formal business plan had not yet been made available to members and there appeared to have been no progress since the 2013 AGM. (It was acknowledged that the business plan had not been finalised but that this would be done by the end of June. It would be primarily financial, but the RFU required the inclusion of a rugby development plan. When completed, this would be made available to the membership. Previous focus since the move from Chelsfield Grove had been on establishing cost structures. Factors resulting in extra costs or lack of income had been the recent bad weather, with consequent reduction in pitch rental, extra maintenance work on pitches, and the increased number of all-weather pitches in the neighbourhood which affected demand for hiring our facility.)
* What steps are being taken to cut losses? (The current model is based on the club’s community involvement, more of which needs to be generated. We need to maintain the partnership with the City Council and cannot switch to a ‘closed down’ model of operation which would involve limiting activities to those rugby based alone. The 7s had made a profit despite the poor weather and there had also been profit from hosting the Sharksfest, but more involvement from Club members would be needed to make a success of such opportunities. Similarly, if more club members were willing to use their expertise to undertake jobs for the club there could be significant cost-saving.)
* How much bar profit has come to the club? (The first year had achieved break-even, but there had been significant investment in equipment, so it was anticipated that profit would increase.)
* Why are there costs for RU development in the accounts? (The club’s contribution is a condition of the lease.)
* Could other profit-making events be considered? (Possibilities mentioned included a concert or a beer festival. People with ideas were urged to put themselves forward to be on appropriate committees or make offers to organise or help with events. The large number of gaps on the nominations board was noted!)
* Did the club bid to host events such as Cup Finals or County games? (Yes! A recent bid to host a junior finals day had been unsuccessful. The club had hosted a Lancs. county game the previous year, but income for the club had been limited.)
* Non-payment of subs continued to be an issue. If all those who should have paid had done so, a considerable additional sum would have resulted. Club rules stated those who have not paid should not be picked for any team (nor should they use the clubhouse). It was reported that MMU rugby players will become student members of BPFC from next season.
* Communication between officers, Management Committee, players and members is essential.

Adoption of the accounts was proposed (Adrian Curtis), seconded (Alan McGown) and carried unanimously.

Chairman’s Report
Alan Bramhall highlighted four issues in his report on the previous season.
* On the playing front it had been a very good season. The first XV had finished in mid table after promotion into North 1 West. The 2nd XV and 5th XV had both won their leagues and respective cup competitions,. The 3rd and 4th XVs had come good towards the end of the season after some initial struggles. The Youth section had moved forward and made good progress.
* Off-field there had been some successful events, and hopes for the future included BPFC being a training venue prior to the World Cup match at the Etihad Stadium, and in being involved in the hosting of the Junior World Cup in 2016.
* Financially the club had continued to struggle.
* Thanks were due to all volunteers who work for the club, but he wished to thank in particular Christine Barber for her huge contribution in providing catering; Pippa Ranson for her work for the Youth section; Barry Allen, Dave Rodgers (Snr) and Dennis Sutcliffe for undertaking numerous jobs around the premises; and Gillian Harrison for her contribution far beyond the call of duty.

Captains’/Teams’ Reports
1st XV: Dave Hanby commented that, after the disappointment of the home defeat to Leigh, it had been a good season.
2nd XV: Neil Parkin noted the achievement of the league and cup double in a successful season
3rd XV: Alan Marsland reported that promotion had only been missed by two points. 2012-13 was his final season as a manager and player.
4th XV Del Trotter noted that a highlight had been the trip to Magaluf, despite the strength of the opposition they had found themselves playing. He requested a new playing strip for next season.
5th XV: No report, but it was noted that it had been a successful season.

The following officers and committee members had been nominated in advance and were elected for 2013-14.

President: Alan McGown (Prop: A. Marsland; Sec: A. Curtis)
Chairman: Alan Bramhall (Prop: B. Seddon; Sec: J. Rochford)
Vice-chairman: Dave Poppitt (Prop: A. Bramhall; Sec: A.McGown)
Secretary: Rob Loveday (Prop: B. Seddon; Sec: A. Bramhall)
Assistant Sec: Adrian Curtis (Prop: N. Parkin; Sec. H.Curtis)
Treasurer: Jim Rochford (Prop: B. Seddon; Sec: A. Bramhall)
Lancs County Rep: John Neald (Prop: Rob Loveday; Sec: J. Rochford)
Referees Soc. Rep: K. O’Brien (Prop: G. Harrison; Sec: A. Bramhall)
1st XV Captain: Dave Hanby (Prop: R. Jones; Sec: R. Smith)
1st XV Vice Captain: Ade Titeloye (Prop: J. Rochford; Sec: A. Bramhall)
2nd XV Captain Rich Wood (Prop: L. Johnson; Sec: A. McGown)
3rd XV Captain M. Foster (Prop: A. Marsland; Sec: D. Hanby)
4th XV Captain Del Trotter (Prop: B. Seddon; Sec: A. McGoen)
Press & Publicity Sec. Tom Booth (Prop: R. Loveday; Sec: A. Bramhall)
Membership Sec: Alan Marsland (Prop: A. McGown; Sec: A. Marsland)
Asst Membership Sec. Ed Otty (Prop: K. Brammer; Sec: R. Jones)
250 Club Sec: Christine Barber (Prop: G. Harrison; Sec: D. Sutcliffe)
Website Manager: Dave Hanby (Prop: A. Curtis; Sec: R. Loveday)
Other positions remain to be filled later.
The following were formally proposed and seconded as members of the committees indicated:
Finance: Club Treasurer (J. Rochford - Chair ex officio)
Membership: Membership Sec. and Assistant Sec., plus all team captains
Selection/Rugby: B. Morgan (Chair), A. Marsland
Sponsorship & Social: Tom Wood (Chair)
House: Barry Allen, Dave Rodgers (Snr), Dennis Sutcliffe
The chairman noted that consideration would need to be given to additional members of the above and the necessity for other Committees .

Life Membership Proposal
It was proposed by Dave Poppitt that Dave Rodgers (Sen.) and Dennis Sutcliffe be elected Life Members in recognition of their invaluable work for the Club. This was seconded by Alan Bramhall and endorsed by the applause of those present.
This completed the formal business of the AGM, but the Chairman invited those who wished to do so to remain for an informal discussion of issues relating to the Club.

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AGM Minutes 2013 Minutes of the Broughton Park Football Club Annual General Meeting Part II (2011/2012) and Annual Ge


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