U14 Tigers Whites - Match centre

Burnham Junior Whites (U10)
Slough Town Rebles (U10)
Sun 13 May 11:00 - League Full time




Burnham Junior Whites (U10) v Slough Town Rebels (U10)
Sunday 13th May 2012
Weather – very sunny summer with the odd bit of cloud
Attendance 26+

The last game of the season, and what a season it has been with players leaving and new players arriving, this team has really gelled well coming 2nd in their first league they played a massive achievement, and if they win today they will come 2nd in the second league they have played this season.

The fans, parents and players are looking relaxed, and feeling comfortable that they will win today.

This season it has been a pleasure in writing these reports it so nice to write about a team who try so hard, week in week out every player giving a 100%.

The style of football has got better and better every week, it doesn’t matter if some of these players have not assisted with goals or scored goals, just them being part of this team and doing their job as a player whether it be defending, attacking is just as important as scoring goals.

Football is a team sport, and this is one heck of a team that play so well.

Thank you to all the parents, coaches, fans and family that have supported this team in so many ways, I am sure when these boys grow up they will tell their children and grandchildren how great their times were playing football on a Sunday morning rain, snow or sunshine with their friends.

Subs Josh

The Whistle blows and they are off straight away both teams pushing each other up and down the pitch

Burnham put the pressure on and the Slough players have to head the ball out of play at least 4 times Burnham pushing the players further and further up the pitch.

Now it’s Craig who back heels it to Ben who takes the ball up the wing cleverly looks for the pass, passes to Jaisharn who shoots and the ball just goes over the cross bar, great team work boy’s nice try Jaisharn.

Slough now return with a run down the pitch skilfully passing to each other they shoot but Jamie is there and saves the ball tightly holding the ball in his arms.

Jamie does a massive kick to Liam who turns the ball around a player shoots and the Slough goal keeper just gets his finger tips to the ball and pushes the ball over the cross bar ooooooooohhhhhhhh nice try Liam great kick Jamie.

Now Josh is on and Jaisharn off, straight away Josh it attacking hard as he takes on 3 players and end up pushing them and the ball out of play great footwork Josh.

Jamie kicks the ball again to Joe who passes to Liam turns again and shoots but oh no there’s a slough defender there to knock the ball out of play.

Slough return the ball down to the Burnham end Ben does a massive kick to Liam who moves the ball around the players into the middle great footwork he then calmly passes to Craig who shoots WHACK bottom left hand corner GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL 1 – 0 to Burnham.

Slough at it again as they take 2 shoots at goal but no surprise Jamie is there to save both shots.

Bens new position in defence is suiting him, he is defending hard pushing the players up the pitch which is brilliant, Slough win the ball and try and run it back, everyone thinking to themselves Ben stay where you are for a second, because we know Kameron and Craig will get the ball back to you in a matter of seconds, Kameron passes to Craig who passes to Ben, who then does a fantastic shot to the goal but somehow the Goalie saves it great team work from all three players.

Whistle blows and its half time, I understand that the half time refreshments are extra special today, thanks again to the Carter family who today have supplied “Extra large” Oranges, for the half time refreshments for the players; you can see this extra vitamin c will make these players super strong for the 2nd half.

Sub Craig off, Jaisharn on

Again the ball goes back and forth from the Burnham end to Slough end and back again for the first few minutes.

It a throw in Jaisharn does a brilliant throw to Liam who kicks the ball straight up in the air like a rocket into the sky it lands just over the crossbar nice try Liam, great throw Jaisharn.

Liam now passes to jaisharn who shoots at the goal, but the goalie jumps and just gets to the ball and pushes the ball over the cross bar nice try Jaisharn.

Slough now tackle hard and end up stamping on Liams foot as he shoots to Jaisharn, Liam drops to the floor in pain screaming in pain as he grabs his foot. The game is stopped or treatment, luckily he gets up and is given a free kick he hits the ball hard but the ball hits the Slough wall and the ball goes out of play.

Now it’s Ben to Jasharn who shoots the goalie saves the ball but pushes it out for a corner

Lim takes the corner, you can hear him grunt like a professional tennis player taking a serve, the ball flys through the air bends and lands in the goal. GGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL what a goal, goal of the season, its 2 – 0

The ball goes up and down again from end to end

Joe gets the ball great tackle and win of the ball he passes to Ben who takes the ball up the middle shoots and scores GGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL 3 – 0 to Burnham Juniors Wow what a game.

Slough come back and takes a shot after a lot of fumbling around the goal but it hits the right hand post phew!!!!!!!!

Now it’s Jaisharn who takes a fantastic shot it hits the cross bar rebounds off and Craig is there takes the ball on his shin and hits the ball in the net. GGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL 4 – 0 to Burnham great footy guys.

What a game every player doing there bit, our players all over the pitch defending, attacking, and coring goals great team amazing team work.

Ben is tackled and hurts his shin the game is stopped a he is subbed and Kameron is back on the pitch great game Ben.

Sloughs number 4, big player with a powerful kick smashes the ball from the halfway line so fast it hts the top right hand corner of the cross bar, amazing shot that no keeper could save thank god it hits the crossbar.

Slough come back attacking again, there is a lot of players in the Burnham the ball is up in the air Jamie rightly comes out and punches the ball he s pushed as he does this and the ball goes over his head the bal lands on the floor and its football boot everywhere with both Burnham and Slough players trying to get the ball, Slough get the ball kick it, Craig is on the goal line drops to th floors and clear the ball of the line, phew.

Now it’s Liam to Joe who shoots WHACK, SMASHES the ball so hard, don’t ask me how but the Slough goalie saves the shot nice try Joe,

Subs Liam off Ben on

Burnham defending hard, pushing the slough players all over the place for the last few minutes, the whistle goes and its 4 - 0 to Burnham Junior Whites.

Excellent that another 2nd place in another league amazing footy Burnham that’s two second places in two leagues success in both leagues well done Burnham, brilliant football brilliant team.

That’s it the season has finished, and what a season it has been, an emotional afternoon for this reporter, an emotional season.

I am sure all the parents of these players are feeling the same way, great football, amazing players, fantastic coaches, mind blowing team

Roll on the next season, I am off to get a new bigger reporting pad pencils as I feel I will be writing about more great wins from this Team.

1st Goal Liam Assists, Craig Scores
2nd Goal Liam scores (goal of the season)
3rd Goal Joe assists Ben scores
4th Goal Jaisharn assists Craig Scores


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