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Fantasy Cricket

With the season approaching we will be doing a fantasy cricket league within Challow.

Unlike a normal fantasy league the players involved will be Challow players. It will be only league games starting May 7th – September 3rd

To enter, you need to get your team picked and give it to Joe Harris or Conor Jones by April 30th, don't forget a team name and the cost of a team will £5, the more people we have enter the higher the prize money.

Selecting your squad;
Teams consists of 11 players, which will be selected from the lists below.
1. You must pick 3 players from each list 1,2,3 then pick 1 wicketkeeper and 1 under 17. If I have missed any players I am sorry but these were to guys who played last year plus some new faces. If you want to add anyone please let me know.
2. You must pick yourself, if you are a non playing member then just pick your squad as explained in number 1.
3. You will get 5 transfers throughout the season. These can be used at anytime, if you make a change please pick somebody from the list that they were in.

How to score points
1. 1 point per run as a batsmen
2. 20 points per wicket
3. 10 points for a catch or a stumping 4. -10 for a duck

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