Chapeltown HC

Chapeltown HC

Ach Nooo!!

by James Davidson

Short trip up to Wakefield for this match.
Bit of a grim match build up all week as several player unavailable as the students left on mass for a hockey tournament in Edinburgh.

A depleted side was reinforced with Sam Mycock, Steve Haine and Rob Monger stepping into the fore.
A hot day to boot saw us arrive at the pitch, decent warm up and a bit of time to get used to what is best described as a bouncy pitch!! Water base pitch based on rubber.
Several players found it hard to get control of the ball soft hands and a history of playing on grass would suit some of the old boys in the team.

Game got under way and opening exchanges fairly equal, Steve Haine started strongly on the front line and was making a bit of headway but the Wakefield defence had a few years on even our oldest player Keith Paddock, soon snuffed out the attacks with some fortunate tackles and some experienced game plays that stopped us advancing.

Matt Burgon and Mike Chambers were working hard in midfield but were always unfortunate with the final ball seeing it bobble or even the opposite midfielders making a lucky touch.

Soon the pitch and having playing experience on it started to tell as Wakefield tested Andy Bowring with a couple of shots that Andy was equal too. The pitch seemed to dictate a game that we were not used too as Wakefield relied on big hitters from the back who looked for slight touches and deflections to beat the players.

Despite this the defence of Lee Robinson, Keith Paddock and FRANK TINGLE were being stretched but they were at this point equal to the Wakefield attack. Chapeltown were staying true to our game trying to pass out from the back but as the pitch was so bouncy that stopping and getting control was proving difficult.
We continued to persist with our methods and on the left side Lee Robinson, Sam Mycock and Ed Mallinder were making some inroads but shots on target were few and far between. Greg Bristol on the right side was making some good runs but passes to him sometimes evaded him or he was met with decent tackles.
Mike Chambers and Matt Burgon did combine to allow a half chance top D for MIke but his shot was well blocked and the loose ball was cleared down field.

Disaster struck as Wakefield got there third short corner from a ball smashed into the D that was poorly controlled and struck a player on the foot, oddly the first attempt was double hit but the umpire for some reason allowed a retake, which a big hitter succeeded in beating Andy on his right side. 1-0

CHapeltown immediately into attack with Ed Mallinder and James Davidson combining for a half chance being created fro Steve Haine who didn't quite get enough on it to finish the move. A quickly taken hit saw a four on two chance for Wakefield but a combination of Andy Making a fine save and staying on his feet to usher the player out for Lee Robinson to make a good tackle to dispossess the forward, should have been two down. Andy was agian called upon with a fine save down low on his left side to keep out the Wakefield attack.
The game began to ebb out as Wakefield relied on smashing the ball while Chapeltown were being beaten by the pitch and not a better side.

Second half got underway with Rob Monger coming into the game with Greg Bristol taking a well earned brake as he had ran himself ragged in the first half.
Steve Haine was to get involved in a titanic battle with a young right back who I am sure Wakefield have high hopes for, Steve aggressive in the tackle was beginning to be somewhat unfairly penalised for some of his challenges much to his frustration however he did keep his cool and continued to try hard.

Another half chance for Steve Haine but despite a forlorn dive he missed the ball which was well passed into the D by Ed Mallinder.

Sam Mycock was beginning to struggle as the heat took its toll. Greg was back into the fray and immediately made a couple of good crunching tackles.
Wakefield were on the back foot and making no attempt to try and play hockey. Chapeltown were in the ascendency but just couldn't find a final quality pass. James Davidson had a couple of shots on target from half chances but they were saved.

Andy Bowring who at this point was a spectator was again called upon and made an excellent reflex save down to his right this time.

Chapeltown continued to press and were not always getting the rub of the green from the pitch or the umpires at times. A Short corner was won but not trapped as for the first time it didn't bounce up!!

As the game was drawing to a close a golden chance fell to Mike Chambers who had only the keeper to beat but unfortunately he drew his shot narrowly wide.
A very tired Matt Burgon, let a very keen Keith Paddock push into midfield and almost made an immediate impact juggled the ball into the D and got a shot off that the defender blocked.

Further pressure from the Chapeltown side failed to brake down the Wakefield side and we were unfortunate not to get the draw.

Man of the match went to FRANK TINGLE who was generally outstanding throughout. To while dick of the day went to James Davidson who oddly asked who Sam was, the conspiracy returns to stitch me up I think.

The final home game for us next week sees us take on table toppers Normanby Park who royally beat us 5-1 in the reverse fixture.


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