Chapeltown HC

Chapeltown HC

Surviving decapitation pitch side and operatively!!

by James Davidson

League leaders Normanby Park 1st team were the opposition in what was our last home match of the season.
An understrength side were well beaten in the away match.

Players missing again saw Rob Monger retain his place following a strong performance last week.
Several players were late and the prematch build up was somewhat dissapointing with Robin Codina particularly upset regarding this.

The match got underway with an unfamiliar shape as top scorer James Davidson started at left back as Lee Robinson had been working and struggled to arrive on time.
The new shape attack saw Tom Casson take on his more favoured position as a forward, while Viv Balachander moved into Left mid with Tim on the right.

Opening exchanges were fairly evenly matched without any keeper really being tested. Chapeltown showed some good possession and passing of the ball. Matt Burgon and Mike Chambers controlling the midfield for long periods. The defence were also strong in possession as Rob Monger at right side made some good passess down the line and followed up with good support play. Keith in his last match before surgery,(Surgery to remove a big ugly lump on his neck, didn't think people survivied decapitation)which eliminates him from the final couple matches of the season was composed in the middle giving little away.

Normanby Park attacks were easily snubbed out, Viv Balachander started well and soon found himself being doubled up on to prevent any real threat. Tom Casson settled in well and perhaps should have won some penalty corners against some robust challenges but the umpire was unsympathetic. Ed Mallinder and Robin Codina were also shown little compassion from the umpire as they were often bustled off the ball but half chances were starting to develop for the team.

The Normanby Park side were having more luck as Lee Robinson replaced his temporary stand in. The umpire at this end gave short corners seemingly at will for heavy challenges. Chapeltown defended these well as Normanby Park seemed to have little to offer with weak drag flicking the only real attempt. Andy Bowring was called upon to make a couple of saves which he dealt with admirably.

Tim Lloyd had worked tirelessly in midfield breaking up play and even having a good chance to open the scorign and despite taking the shot early the keeper got down well to save the shot. James Davidson came on at midfield to allow him a break.
The half ended in deadlock but not without a little trouble as Matt Burgon was at the end of soem banter from the Park number 8 who found himself amusing by suggesting we and Matt was not good enough. This was not reflected in the play as the number 8 was very much in Matt Burgon's pocket.

The second half got under way and immediately we were under pressure as Normanby chased a goal. Andy Bowring had an inspired half as he kept out the Park side. He managed an outstanding double save against two players and had further reaction saves to his left and right side to deny the opposition. Chances at this stage were coming thick and fast as Chapeltown were failing to find each other with there passes. This all changed when the number 8 and his banter took a more unothodox approach as he struck our player in the face. Following losing possession to Matt Burgon again he left his stick in which was deflected up and into Matts face. Unacceptable play, the match was stopped for a couple of minutes and as Matt had minimal injury and there had been some handbags between the players before this incident no action was taken with the player giving accident as the cause.

Play soon resumed and Chapeltown were the team in ascendency as Normanby were further put on the back foot. A short corner was won but we were unable to capitalise on it. Tim Lloyd was back in at midfield and had soon set up a chance for Ed Mallinder who was well dispossessed. Robin Codina was palying really well and perhaps should have shot from top D rather than attempting a pass. Mike Chambers was having an exellent half with some intricate dribbles and wrong footing the Normanby defence several times.
Again this half Chapeltown did not seem to get the breaks they perhaps deserved as penalty corners were being denied on a regular basis, while Normanby Park seemed to win them with ease.

A misguided forward foray by Keith Paddock saw him dribble past a couple of Park players before stumbling over the ball and losing possession, Dick of the day won there then!! Fortunately Matt Burgon was on hand to make yet another tackle.

James Davidson was put up front to try and snatch a victory but despite a good chance which he topped and a second reverse strike that was going wide and Ed Mallinder was unlucky not to get more on it to defelct it into goal none was forthcoming Ultimately the game was to end as a 0-0.

The performance was perhaps deserving of a win but at times Andy Bowring was the only reason we kept a clean sheet.

Man of the match went to Matt Burgon while dick of the day was nailed on to Keith Paddock for is rubbish dribble.


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