Chelmsford Rugby Football Club

Chelmsford Rugby Football Club
By Martin Atkinson | 2nd November 2010

Maldon away

Developing players get some good game time

We travelled to Maldon on Sunday with 2/3 squad size due to half term holidays. After two weeks away at festivals it made a pleasant change to have the squad back together again. We managed to get some important game time aswell as some good training for all the players. What we wanted was the devloping players to get some valuable game time and improvement over the course of the session, this was achieved.

First game
Maldon 35 Chelmsford 0

A tough outing for the boys as Maldon used their pace and the space to run in a numbeer of tries.

Second game
Maldon 20 Chelmsford 5

A closer contest, a last ditch tackle stopping us from scoring on the try line could have made things even closer. What was pleasing was the boys heads did not drop and thgey carried onto the final whistle.

Third game
Maldon 5 Chelmsford 5

After spending a little time working on rucking and using our press defence this was an altogether different encounter. Maldon were given a lot less space, our rucking was superb and our body position when using our driving mauls were excelllent.

Thanks for the parents and all the players for hanging around through the drizzle. We continue to be pleased with the players progress.

Thanks Maldon for the hospitality and the roasties!


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