Chippenham RFC

Spitfires, Bombers & Hercules’ get a flying start to the Spring Festival Season

by Matt Viner

Yet again it was another glorious spring day at Allington Fields for the much awaited Chippenham Festival.

The Mighty Under 8s entered three teams into the competition and were hoping for a successful start to the festival season and the opportunity to secure some silverware. The Spitfires played in the Chiefs competition whilst the Bombers and Hercules’ battled it out in the Cherokees competition.

The Spitfires got off to a flying start with a convincing win against strong local rivals Bradford on Avon. Their winning form continued into their second game as Chippenham put in an impressive performance to beat a well organised Marlborough team. Spurred on by their opening successes the Spitfires went into their next match brimming with confidence, however the Knights from Windsor were to prove worthy opponents. A hard fought clash ensued which ultimately ended in defeat for Chippenham against the eventual Cup winners. Undeterred the boys picked themselves up and rallied for another win against St Brendans. The Spitfires entered their last pool game having to secure a win if they were to progress any further in the competition. Victory in a tight tussle with Tetbury took them through to a tantalising Chiefs Plate final against Bath. A determined performance from Bath was not able to match the firepower and agility of the Spitfires who secured the plate with another convincing victory.

The Bombers started strongly in their opening pool match in the Cherokee competition with a close win over Salisbury. Next they faced Marlborough in another tight contest in which Chippenham’s dogged determination was rewarded by a narrow victory. Great teamwork and a solid performance in their third match resulted in an excellent win against Windsor. Only one team now stood between the Bombers and a place in the Cherokee Cup final - a draw against Bath was enough to ensure they progressed to meet Bradford on Avon in the final. The Bombers, having conceded the first try, battled bravely and maintained their composure keeping level with Bradford. Superb teamwork from both sides resulted in a tied cup final – sadly meaning Bradford on Avon were declared winners under the first try rule!

The Hercules’ opening fixture was against the eventual Cherokee competition winners Bradford on Avon and despite a determined effort the boys, like their counterparts the Bombers, came away with a draw. The Hercules’ were still rumbling down the runway in their second game against Devizes which again ended in draw. Against St Brendans the Hercules’ finally managed to find full throttle and took off with an awesome win. Now cruising the Hercules’ beat Swindon in their third match and a draw in their final pool game against Tetbury earned them a place in the Cherokee Plate final against Bath. This was a tough match and, having conceded the first try, a game the Hercules’ had to win. Once again teamwork and determination, combined with a last minute try secured the plate for the Hercules’.



Spitfires 6 – 0 Bradford on Avon

Tries: Cormac, Stanley(2), Max P, Jake , Brandon

Spitfires 5 – 1 Marlborough

Tries: Ben (3), Stanley, Louis

Spitfires 2 - 6 Windsor Knights

Tries: Cormac, Owen

Spitfires 5 – 0 St Brendans

Tries: Ben, Cormac (2), Max P, Brandon

Spitfires 4 - 2 Tetbury

Tries: Cormac, Louis C (3)

Chiefs Plate Final

Spitfires 4 - 1 Bath

Tries: Stanley (2), Max P, Louis


Bombers 6 - 5 Salisbury

Tries: Will, Hugo, Oliver (2), James H, Flynn

Bombers 3 – 2 Marlborough

Tries: Oliver (2), James H

Bombers 5 – 2 Windsor

Tries: Will P (2), Oliver H (2), James H

Bombers 2 -2 Bath

Tries: Will P, Oliver H)

Cherokees Cup Final

Bombers 4- 4 Bradford on Avon (BOA scored the first try)

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Tries: Oliver (3) , James H


Hercules’ 4 – 4 Bradford on Avon

Tries: James V (2), Tom M, Huw R

Hercules’s 4 -4 Devizes

Tries: Frank, James V (2), Tom M

Hercules’ 5 - 1 St Brendans

Tries: Frank, James V (2), Tom M, Elliot

Hercules 2 - 1 Swindon

Tries: Edward (2)

Hercules’ 3 -3 Tetbury

Frank, Max B, James V

Cherokees Plate Final

Hercules’ 4 - 3 Bath

Frank, Max B, Tom M (2)

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