Chorley Panthers RLFC

Chorley Panthers RLFC

U16's Outstanding In Defeat !

by Peter Bridge

There are certain times when it makes you very proud to be associated with the Panthers Club, and this morning was one of those moments when 11 brave men took to the field at Hindley ....

“There are some defeats more triumphant than victories”.

“Adversity introduces a man to himself”.

These are two quotes that spring to mind following this morning’s U16 game when the following eleven players lined up against a 17 man Hindley squad;

anton barrow

Joe Robinson

Rory Swanwick

Josh Dyson

Robert Meadows

Tom Sharp

Anthony Brown

harry bowers

Jon Strange

Terrence Markham

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Danny Gallagher

Following a week of adversity coupled with injuries in the squad it was time for the eleven men to stand up and be counted ...... and stand up they did.

The game started with Hindley piling on the pressure but there was no way down the middle as the Panthers defence was organised, vocal and solid. The hosts had to move the ball wide and make good use of their extra numbers to score twice. But the visitors were rewarded when the ball was moved through hands to anton barrow who went over for a fine try. Robert Meadows and Tom Sharp were busy organising and it wasn’t long before the Panthers were rewarded with another well worked try from Josh Dyson. Hindley scored once more before the break but there really was nothing in this game at half time.

The second half resumed and it was much of the same with the Chorley forwards Anthony Brown, Jon Strange and Danny Gallagher putting the visitors on the front foot. Hooker harry bowers was all over the park, doing his job at the ruck and defending like a Trojan. Terrence Markham will sleep well tonight following a tireless display showing great strength going forward and steely determination in defence. The Wigan outfit scored again to take them to 20 points but the Panthers hit back with a well worked try from Sharp. Joe Robinson and Rory Swanwick were having a good time on the right flank and Meadows was directing play which led to a sustained period of pressure on the Hindley line. With the score at 20 – 14 after 60 minutes it was anybody’s game.

The hosts were getting frustrated with the visitor’s grit and determination but inevitably the Panthers lads tired and Hindley scored four tries in the last quarter of the game to secure the win. If you could bottle up the team spirit displayed by Chorley today and sell it you would be a millionaire overnight. It’s something that has been lacking in this squad recently but it is back now ... with a bang. Every Panthers player will be proud of their efforts today and despite the defeat they now know they have those vital ingredients of courage, determination and most importantly that ‘team spirit’ to move forward from here.

No game next Sunday with Chorley having the free week.

Congratulations to the eleven men who took to the field today and we can now look forward to the international game on the 28th against the touring Australian St Edwards team when the squad will combine with last season’s U16’s to give the Aussies a real test.


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