Newsletter April 2012

4 years ago By Jackie Dempsey

Dear U9s Parents


Thought I would write a few lines especially now the new season is fully underway. Loving the team spirit at the moment and feel this is the season we recruit and develop moving forward.

We try and keep the website up-to-date with fixtures and team and club news. To access the website visit If you click on the tab Mini under the main picture you will find the U9s. This is where you will find News, Reports and Fixtures.

Game arrangements – I will always presume all registered players will be available for games! It is up to you to tell me otherwise! I seem to be chasing player numbers every weekend and with my work pattern I might not see your messages and end up without a team at very short notice. Please try and make as many fixtures as you can and give me plenty of notice of the ones you can’t make. Also make sure I know if you are going directly to an away game so we are not waiting around needlessly. Alison will text out all arrangements. Remember the rule of thumb is ”be at whatever venue 30 mins before kick-off”.
Not getting text messages? Check I have your correct number by texting me your child’s name using the preferred mobile number to be used for contacting you. My mobile number is (Connor) – 07742922027

Alison will be organising a rota of the sandwich making and kitchen help based on the fixture list. Please help.

Current Training Times
– Tuesday 6:45 – 8pm (ish) Saturday 10:30am – 11:30am both at Chisnall.


Training – I get the feeling with the low turn outs most of you don’t like Saturday morning training. However I do feel it is important for the team to train twice a week, game plans are worked on Saturdays & I cannot help the players to develop unless they are there! At the moment I am chatting my boss up on a weekly basis (Good Job she is a she) to make sure I can attend as many training sessions as possible.
I am asking if changing to Thursday evenings would suit more of the families to enable a better turn out. Please text message me Thursday or Saturday and I will try and go with the majority. (Work Permitting). This might have to be decided on a week to week basis if we choose to change as my shifts are erratic.

Coaching – As you are aware Dean has stepped away from coaching and this is leaving me on my own, which is far from ideal. The club are aware that this is an issue, but we don’t have spare coaches hanging around so this is something as a team we are going to have to deal with. Are there any Parents within our team who would like to give me a hand with the lads? We could go with a trial basis to start with to see how this fits with you before we talk about courses etc. More the merrier as far as I am concerned especially as I do have an erratic work pattern. Please give this some serious thought.

Changes a Foot - We are now getting to a point in the age groups where we are going to have to get a bit tougher with the players and set discipline standards higher. Measurers will be introduced in the sessions to curb messing around, subtle things really, but just to let you know to expect a few winges… We need to be looking towards making sure players change into other clothing after games before they access aftermatch refreshments. Would parents be up for us sorting some kind of uniform? There are a few options available from badged sports tops to a shirt and tie. What do you think? Until this is sorted could all players ensure they change clothes and I will sort us a changing room at each game!

Last of all but perhaps the MOST important!!! Please can all Players bring a Drink of Water to every training session? As the weather gets warmer this will get more and more important. Hydration is so very important to performance and should not be overlooked.

Wigan St Cuthbert’s away next Sunday – Let’s take this week’s game forward to next week. Kick off time TBC

Where next?

Changes to U9s Fixtures From this week the teams we are playing have changed. I did warn this might happen.
Team Bonding The u'9s enjoy an evening out with their coaches Tony and Martin.


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