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Coalville Rugby Club
By Paul Hart | 23rd July 2012

2012 / 13 Season

New season - Fresh start.

The 2011 / 12 Season was tough for the whole club in terms of rugby and financially. However, that was last year and this is now. Want things to change? Jump on board and be a part of the team. Offer your help / support when you can and give back what you take out. You will see vast improvement and enjoy success!

For the 3's the fixtures for the following season are perfect. There is a real mixture of sides that will give us enjoyable games and others that will prove a tough test and show our character. A team meeting was held a few weeks ago with the following points raised. Take a look and take note. If you have any questions then just get in touch. 07791229620.

  • Membership – This needs to be paid if you want to play. We have one of the best facilities in Leicestershire but it doesn’t run on fresh air. What other sport can you play and get so much from, for so little?

  • Match day Subs – £5 for a whole game £2.50 for half a game. These will now be collected before you play when we meet at the club. If you don’t play for any reason or play a half only, this will be refunded to you straight after the game. No one will lose out. Pete Page will look after this and his contact number is 07739394834 if you have any questions. If you drive, thank you. You still pay match subs. Why travel with one or two in a car? Fill the car and go with your team mates.

  • Duties – On match day there is stuff that needs to be done. Shirts, changing rooms etc. I will ask positions to do whatever needs to be done. Please support and do what is asked.

  • Match day kit – We are team not a barbarians riff raff. Blue rugby shorts and clubs socks. Will set you back £20 for the lot.

  • Warm up – Before each game there will be a structured warm up. We need you to arrive on time at the club or let me know if you can’t. Communicate.

  • League Fixtures – Whether we are at home or away you need to wear a club tie with a blue shirt. We are a team and need to look like one.

  • 3’s Training Saturday 10am until 11am – The level of rugby we play is social so it’s all about fun. Is it fun however playing in a game you don’t know the moves? Then lose not because the other side is better but because we don’t know what we are doing. Its 4 weeks until our first game so team training season will be running. They won’t be based around fitness. It’ll be about rugby rugby rugby. (If you are not fit enough, well). The sessions will be on a Saturday morning and you need to show up if you want to play this year and know what’s going on.

The above points may seem a bit harsh in places but the results will speak for themselves. You will feel part of a strong team that wins, enjoys itself and has a laugh!

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  • Joe Moretta
    Joe Moretta - over 3 years ago

    why have seperate training sessions...........? there will be a load of players coming down from 2s again, wil just add to the seperation that happens. Club pays coaches to coach us with 2 training sessions already organised every week

  • Paul Hart
    Paul Hart - over 3 years ago

    Any session on a Saturday morning is not to replace or cause seperation. The coaching on a Tuesday and Thursday is of a good standard and that is where players will learn the most. Practically though Saturday morning for most 3's players fits in with the rest of their life. I would much rather take advantage of the club coaching and if the general consensus from everyone else is the same let's do that.

    Also, will you be having a squad system to pick your players from again this season or will players be promoted and demoted on performance alone?

  • kev marsh
    kev marsh - over 3 years ago

    joe, paul has hit the nail on the head, the saturday mornings is not and never will be about seperation from the other players and teams. ask anyone of the third team players and they will tell you how i have been asking people to train and excercise and prepare for the forthcoming season. you will have seen first hand what third team players have also attended on a tue/thur night to train with the club and i commend all that have attended and made an effort. i also understand the reasons why some cannot train on a tue/thur night
    the idea of the sat mornings was to gather the lads and just go through a few moves and practice a few skills so come the day of the races on the 1st september we know what we are doing, penalty moves, who is jumping where, who is playing where, and a bit of fitness. come the beginning of sept we will be asking all players in the club to make themselves available for matches on sat, this was an idea just to get them together a bit early as they will be doing in sept so we stand a chance and we know what are moves are, we as a team are keen to win and improve and win our league, we just want to be better than last year and encourage players to be involved. if nay other players that may be availbale for the 2 and 3 team wan to attend they are more than welcome

  • Nick Massey
    Nick Massey - over 3 years ago

    Kev, what you have just spoken about, working on moves and a few skills, just highlights the fact that everyone needs to be training together, so were all playing the same style, and that way linesouts and scrums etc would be standadized through all teams, making it much easier for players to move up and down. How can you work on who is going to jump where in lineouts when you are probably going to have a different team every saturday? Thats just minor organisation to be sorted before the game, what matters more is that all players are confident with the calls. It was mentioned last season by many people that a lot of 2nd team players are on the fringes of the 1st team, however there are very few players from the 3rd team that could make the 2nd team, especially if purely based on performance as Paul mentioned, and this wont improve unless more of the 3rd team players make an effort to train with the squad.We play as a club, so we should train as a club, end of!

  • bill grant
    bill grant - over 3 years ago

    Well said nick you hit the nail on the head their mate

  • Michael Richmond
    Michael Richmond - over 3 years ago

    Surely we train as a club,play as a club,win as a club,lose as a club and get drunk as a club.

  • stuart middleton
    stuart middleton - over 3 years ago

    talking of getting drunk with the club hows the hand

  • kev marsh
    kev marsh - over 3 years ago

    sorry lads and i dont wish to get in any form of argument this is not the place for it, and i am not availble to attend the meeting tonight, due to working a night shift.
    first i will repeat my praise for all those that have attended training on a tue/thur night, i have made my way to the club to take part when i have been able to do so, (work childcare commitments aside)
    i have tried to encourage the 3xv lads to train and prepare for the forthcoming season, i wish to be as successful as all the other teams in the club and will try my very best to support the the 1 and 2 teams with players whenever i can.
    but a fact remains that if some of the 3 team lads are for whatever reason unable to train on a tue/thur night when will they train with fellow players??
    this was just an idea to get a basis of a team doing something together before our season starts, i have also tried my best to get all players involved from the 2nd and colts team, i hope everybody will be availbale in a months time on saturdays i thought what better day to do a little in the morning.
    sorry if this have offended anyone i like everybody else in this club just want to succeed

  • Michael Richmond
    Michael Richmond - over 3 years ago

    Stu the hands ok still sore but not to bad stupid seat belt there supposed to stop injury not cause them.
    Kev there are some 3rd team players training on thursday but with the women.Iget that they want to help the women out but cant they do that on tuesdays so they still look like there part of the senior club?

  • kev marsh
    kev marsh - over 3 years ago

    fair comment michael, yesterday 4th aug, 15 third team players turned out to complete a little training, i am extremely gratefull to the two 1xv players who attended and helped out and offered assistance, and the third team lads they helped are by the same token extremely gratefull. i am aware of peoples feelings that all players from all teams should train together on the tue/thur night, and as you are aware i train on these nights when i can. i agree that all players should try there best to attend on the club nights, but when this does not happen for whatever reason you must agree that this is a good turnout from players who made themselves available on a sat morning to try and improve and prepare for the forth coming season, i will send a message out again and include you in the text to try and get all involved

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