2012 / 13 Season

3 years ago By Paul Hart

New season - Fresh start.

The 2011 / 12 Season was tough for the whole club in terms of rugby and financially. However, that was last year and this is now. Want things to change? Jump on board and be a part of the team. Offer your help / support when you can and give back what you take out. You will see vast improvement and enjoy success!


For the 3's the fixtures for the following season are perfect. There is a real mixture of sides that will give us enjoyable games and others that will prove a tough test and show our character. A team meeting was held a few weeks ago with the following points raised. Take a look and take note. If you have any questions then just get in touch. 07791229620.

  • Membership – This needs to be paid if you want to play. We have one of the best facilities in Leicestershire but it doesn’t run on fresh air. What other sport can you play and get so much from, for so little?

  • Match day Subs – £5 for a whole game £2.50 for half a game. These will now be collected before you play when we meet at the club. If you don’t play for any reason or play a half only, this will be refunded to you straight after the game. No one will lose out. Pete Page will look after this and his contact number is 07739394834 if you have any questions. If you drive, thank you. You still pay match subs. Why travel with one or two in a car? Fill the car and go with your team mates.

  • Duties – On match day there is stuff that needs to be done. Shirts, changing rooms etc. I will ask positions to do whatever needs to be done. Please support and do what is asked.


  • Match day kit – We are team not a barbarians riff raff. Blue rugby shorts and clubs socks. Will set you back £20 for the lot.

  • Warm up – Before each game there will be a structured warm up. We need you to arrive on time at the club or let me know if you can’t. Communicate.

  • League Fixtures – Whether we are at home or away you need to wear a club tie with a blue shirt. We are a team and need to look like one.

  • 3’s Training Saturday 10am until 11am – The level of rugby we play is social so it’s all about fun. Is it fun however playing in a game you don’t know the moves? Then lose not because the other side is better but because we don’t know what we are doing. Its 4 weeks until our first game so team training season will be running. They won’t be based around fitness. It’ll be about rugby rugby rugby. (If you are not fit enough, well). The sessions will be on a Saturday morning and you need to show up if you want to play this year and know what’s going on.

The above points may seem a bit harsh in places but the results will speak for themselves. You will feel part of a strong team that wins, enjoys itself and has a laugh!


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Sat 5 Apr
3rd XV Shepshed
Friendly 22 – 43
Sat 29 Mar
3rd XV Tamworth
Friendly 10 – 55
Sat 22 Mar
3rd XV Quorn
Friendly 54 – 7

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