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Grand Christmas Quiz

4 years ago By John Regan

A few umpiring type questions to wake up those few brain cells remaining after the New Year orgy of self damage. I'll post the answers sometime.

Out or Not Out – Just say if the batsman is out or not. For extra brownie points, say which Law is involved.

1. A slow bowler delivers the ball and the batsman gets into position to paddle sweep into the vacant leg side. Seeing this, first slip runs around to leg slip and takes a ‘catch’. Out or not out?

2. The batsman hits the ball high towards the boundary. A fielder is underneath it but the ball bounces off a tree branch overhanging the field. This makes the ball change direction. It hits the fielder and, without touching the ground, is caught by another fielder. Out or not out?

3. The bowler bowls a no ball. The batsman runs down to pitch but misses the ball. The wicket keeper collects the ball and, with the batsman still out of his ground, takes the bails off and then appeals for a stumping. Out or not out?

4. Situation as above – it was a no ball but this time the ball bounces off the batsman’s pad as he runs down the pitch and it rolls to the short leg fielder. He throws down the wicket with the batsman still out of his ground and appeals for a run out. Out or not out?

5. The batsman chips an easy chance back to the bowler. But just before he can catch it the non striker shoves him and the bowler drops the catch. Is the non striker out or not out?

6. The bowler delivers and the ball hits the edge of the off stump. The bail hops into the air and lands back in the groove. Out or not out?

7. Off the last ball of the over, the batsman touches the ball with his glove and the ball is taken on the full by the wicket keeper. There is no appeal but the umpire has seen what happened. The umpire calls over and walks to square leg. As the first ball of the new over is about to be bowled the square leg fielder asks if the batsman touched the ball. Out or not out?

8. The batsman swings hard at the ball and the bat flies out of his hands. Then the ball hits the bat and is taken on the full by a fielder. Out or not out?

9. A ball is clearing the boundary for a six. A fielder is standing outside the ropes under the ball. He jumps into the air and, with both feet off the ground, parries it to another fielder inside the boundary. Out or not out?

10. The batsman hits the ball hard directly to the short leg
fielder. He ducks and the ball bounces off his helmet to
the bowler, who catches it. Out or not out?

11. The batsman hits the ball, which stops very close to him.
He picks up the ball and throws it to a close fielder, who
appeals. Out or not out?

12. Short leg dives to take a catch. He misses the
ball and his cap falls off. The ball, without touching the ground, lands in the cap. Out or not out?

13. A new batsman insists on taking guard at square leg.
The bowler bowls and hits the wicket. The batsman says he can’t be out because the ball was a wide. Out or not out?

14. Three minutes after the dismissal of the previous
batsman, the new batsman has entered the field of play and is walking slowly towards the wicket. The fielding captain appeals. Out or not out?

15. Part of the boundary is formed by a low wooden fence. The fielder leans against it to catch the ball outside the boundary. Out or not out?

16. A ball hits the top edge of the bat and flies towards the batman’s face. He knocks it away with his hand. Out or not out?

17. The batsman plays the ball down the leg side. As he sets off for a run, his back foot slips and breaks the wicket. Out or not out?

18. A batsman, in attempting to avoid a fast short delivery, falls over, landing outside his crease. The wicketkeeper collects the ball and, with the batsman still outside his ground, breaks the wicket. Out or not out?

19. A slip fielder takes a brilliant jumping catch. He immediately throws it into the air in celebration. Out or not out?

20. As a fast bowler releases the ball and before the batsman has played it, he shouts an obscenity down the pitch. The batsman pokes at the ball, touches it and is caught at slip. Out or not out?

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