Dartford 'Valley' RFC

Dartford 'Valley' RFC

Pre season training

By Ian Spaul, 25th May 2012

Pre season training is already underway so that we can prepare for will be anticipated as a tough first season in Kent 2. Training will start from 19:00 at Wilmington Academy run by Slapper. Last night 22 people attended, so lets build on this, learn new things and get fit.


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  1. Club Captain over 3 years ago

    Another great tun out and session lads. We had 22 this week, thank you to everyone that got back to me and showed courtesy in telling us that you couldn't make it, hopefully we will see you next week. It was an intense session but you all worked hard.....I am knackered but feel great!!

  2. Club Captain over 3 years ago

    Another good turn out last night lads, Yatesy managed to snap my back within 10mins and it somehow has caused me some sort of stomach issues........hmmmm nice one!! Well done to the new lads that showed up and put the effort in and please all remember the Dinner dance tickets are now on sale.

  3. Club Captain over 3 years ago

    Rugby training Thursday at Wilmington Enterprise college 1900 on-wards. The school is closed for half term but we will still have access. A great chance for you fatties to burn off some of the bank holiday beers and burgers. As usual this event is also published on Facebook. See you all there.

  4. Club Captain over 3 years ago

    Lads, training again this week at the school. We had 21 in attendance last week and we hope to build on that number this week. I know most people use the FB page but if you can let everyone know about this site too it can only assist the club. training 7pm onwards Wilmington academy.

  5. Club Captain over 3 years ago

    A great session last night lads, thanks to the new guys that came down....we hope you come back next week.........My Highlight was watching Paul H attempt to tackle me but miss and somehow manage to wipe out Glynn!! Very funny!

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