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First, I have to apologies to Jim Davis, who has assured me in the past that supporters do actually read this forum, even though only a few contribute. Seeing that my last two 'controversial?' opinions received over 800 'hits' each. I thought I would try to beat this with another view, and hoping that you will offer your opinions.

We are nearing half-way through the season, and I thought it a good time to find out what us (the fans/supporters) thought of the performance of the management of the team.

To recap, the way I see it, the Town have had a couple of good seasons prior to the current season, under local lad Aidy Fuller. With his experience at this level, and over 400 games for Banbury United. His local knowledge was beyond doubt. But even he must have been surprised to get the Town job, as he hadn't been that successful at Woodford.

He built up a squad of good steady local players, mainly from a 15 mile radius of Daventry. To lose out to Hitchen in the play-offs was a disappointment, but truthfully I could not see that squad being strong enough overall for the Central Division.

Our esteemed chairman (Mr Ian Humphries), decided that we needed a more experienced manager for the higher division, with contacts outside this area. This is where it all went wrong? . . . Ian, discussed this with Aidy, and asked him to step down to assistant, to Mark Kinsella. Initially, he accepted, but after having a holiday and time to think about it, he returned to say he was not taking up the position. Consequently, he left the club and many of the players (under misguided loyalty) left the club to look elsewhere.

Many of the players have since asked to return - when they found that they were not guaranteed places at their new clubs, or the clubs ran out of money, so couldn't pay them. But Ian's instructions were that none of the players who left would be welcomed back (with the exception of Berwick, who left with Ian's blessing to improve himself . . . no comment), he has since relented and let O'Grady return, but others have been turned away.

This left Mark with the poisoned chalice of a club without a team. I have no doubt that if he had been aware of this from the start, he would not have accepted the post. But like a 'true pro', he buckled down to pull a team together. There have been a huge turn-around of players during the first part of the season. Some have settled, but others have been moved on.

I think, in the circumstances, he has done a fantastic job, and now it seems there is a more settled squad. The players like him, and openly talk about how enjoyable his coaching is, and how accessible a person he is . . . hence the players who have left, want to come back.

My main concern though, is that I am sure he sees Daventry Town as just a stepping stone to a higher level, I even had a call from a friend in Northampton, who said that Mark's name was on the short list for Northampton Town FC . . . but I told him, that if Mark moves, I am sure he would want to improve himself. It is obvious that with his vast club and international experience, some one will come along with an offer, which he will find hard to refuse. But then again, on the plus side, he has a day-job with Ian, so security is a good thing in these financial troubled time.

So what do you think? Is Mark good for the Town, or was it a wrong move?

Incidentally, as the half-way of the season approaches, it is difficult to pick out a 'Player of the Season', at the moment. But I am particularly pleased with the attitude and form of Joe Mellins. If there was a medal for loyalty, he would get it. Having been on the bench all of last season, he was getting back into form only to have a bad injury early this season. He battled his way back, and is now performing at the top of his game. I have always thought that as a one-on-one keeper, there are little better. He has in the past suffered - because of his size - from deep crosses from free-kicks and corners. But he has been quite positive with this part of his game since his return . . . so keep at it Joe, and who knows, you could be the second keeper on the trot to win the Supporter's award.

Any views on the above, will be appreciated . . . let's beat 800 again!

Up the Town!

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I am a friend of Ady and he left for what most of us would understand.

However onwards we go and looking at the current team I find watching it very enjoyable. Mark, Andy and Chris are top notch coaches who have played at a professional level and have tried to install that in the first team. They are also top people, very approachable and are popular. The team at the start of the season isn't that far away from where we are now, some people have emerged as really good signings and the general feel is they are a good group and now becoming a strong team. Josh's return is welcome, as an exciting ball player who can create as well as score (but not penalty's lol).

Joe has been excellent after Bevan left us for Evesham. Dave was a great keeper for me, and Joe is as you say an excellent shot stopper. The team is doing well and the cup run took us out of our poor league form, but raised our game through some good performances against higher opposition.

Daventry Town are in a good position and hopefully will have enough to get in the Play Offs.

For me Mark was a good positive move, and it's a shame we haven't got Ady here too, however it's how it is and we must move on and be positive.

Wherever the players are that left I will always wish them good luck...that's football.


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Well done Terry, great well balanced reply, it did make me realise that I had not mentioned Mark's side-men Andy and Chris, they of course make an enormous contribution to the Town's improved form . . . why ever did they think they needed Steve Sockett?

Also, would like to agree that Aidy is a great guy. When he managed the team, he always had time to chat with us 'coffin dodgers' after the game, always interesting, and I really do wish him great success at Banbury. Hopefully we may be playing them next season?

Last note! . . . hot news! . . . I heard on the grapevine that Tom Berwick has left Leamington today?. . . umm, I wonder where he will end up?

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I heard it was Redditch mate, but not sure that was just a rumour.
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redditch utd it is, paperwork hopefully done this week, good luck tom hope you play more regular for them.....
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When I read the introduction to Lawence's half term analysis I thought he had been in consultation with former News of the World journalists who had been hacking into the phones of Ian, Mark and Aidy. I don't suppose we, as supporters, will ever know what really went on and if you asked the three people involved, you would probably get different versions of events. I haven't spoken to any of the three so I'm not going to pass on any rumour or tittle-tattle about how Mark was appointed.

I have no knowledge of Mark's short or medium term ambitions but I would imagine they are in football rather than communication systems. When the opportunity for advancement offers itself, he will go. The players he has brought in will probably follow; after all they are here because of Mark, not because of DTFC. Then a new manager will have to build a new team because unfortunately there is no structure in the Club to help players advance from the junior teams to the senior squad. (Thank goodness Daventry United exists to provide good local footballers with a reasonable level of football). I'm afraid the Chairman's chequebook will have to come out again and hopefully the Town will get players who will improve the team.

After half a season Daventry Town are certainly no better than last season's team even though the Town has beaten Leamington and Barwell and deserved a draw against Nuneaton. The fact that the Town lost to Hitchin in the play-off final last season is not an indication that they would failed at a higher level, particularly if the team had 2 or 3 reinforcements. That was a team that won promotion from the UCL over St Neots and made the play-offs last season after 9 points had been deducted.

Hopefully you Daventry supporters have your views on the issues above which you want to share with the rest of us. Here's something else to discuss; it's my comparison of last years and this season's teams.

Much as Joe Mellings is a good goalkeeper and will not let the team down, Andy Kemp was the best goalkeeper in the League.
The defence is very similar although the right side has not been satisfactorily filled; for the future the Town need not look further than Communications Park, young Liam Cope of Daventry United looks a good prospect for Southern League football in the near future and should be 'knocking on the door' next season. Generally the defence is sound when the ball is in front of them but looks uncomfortable when forwards run at them or chase balls that have gone in behind the defenders. Distribution is poor from the back.

Midfield has lacked a consistent ball winner when Confue has not been playing. Hicks has impressed when going forward and Hoban adds excitement to the attack. I'm not sure that the Town can afford to play Hoban and O'Grady at the same time (especially on the heavier grunds to ome) since it leaves the Town a bit short in central midfield. O'Grady isn't yet showing the confidence of last season but he's an intelligent footballer and the Town will get more out of him as the season progresses. Oh for a Ryan Howells to strength mid-field!!

So far no front combination has worked well but hopefully Taylor's speed will help to threaten opposing defences. I ask myself which combination of front runners would our defence rather face, Berwick & Dunckley from last season or any 2 of this season's forwards. I think they would be more comfortable facing this season's.

I know this season's team is still a work in progress and the improvement over 3 months has been significant. I'm looking forward now to the Town 'finishing off' opponents earlier in matches rather than hanging on to a draw or a one goal lead and keeping supporters on tenterhooks.

My 'Men of the Season' so far are Darran Foster and John Foster who have done a terrific job in improving the playing surface so much this season. I do wish that players would help them by not kicking towards the goals before the games and at half-times and so churning up the goalmouths.

I know this has been rather long but if you have made it to the end and you agree or disagree with me, then let the other Town fans know what you think on this Forum.

Lawrence is pleased that his first controversial issue got 800 hits. I heard a rumour that 750 of them came from him as he clicked on every 5 minutes to see how many hits he had got.

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Oh Colin!, I do so enjoy your observations and contributions, very thorough and although I can not agree with all your views (you wouldn't expect me too!), this is what Forums are all about.

To correct a couple of your points, I am pretty sure that my comments about the Management changeover are at least 99% correct, in fact my friend at the News of the World assured me that they were!

Also, regarding your inference, that I was responsible for 750 of the 800 'hits' to my previous thread, I can assure you that I was probably only responsible for ten of them. As when you start a thread, a little box 'pops up', offering the service of an email advising you whenever anyone contributes to your comments. Which I then, of course, checked . . . but I know you said it 'tongue in cheek!'

I have to say though, that I am a little disappointed with the reaction to this thread. Even some of the regular contributors have not offered their views, which is a pity, as I think Mark and his back room staff should be made aware of how much we appreciate their efforts . . . so come on, let's hear your views.

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i think Colin is suggesting that most of last years team left because Mark took over,although from what i have heard they thought they were better than what they actually were and wanted more money, so spat their dummies when told they weren't worth it.As for this years team, i thought Mark was starting to forge a good side together but the first half performance against Barton was terrible. I don't understand how he can think that the number 5(i don't know his name as there are no squad photos) is better than Callum Burgess or Jason Lee in the middle of the back four,the best back line to my mind is Bishop,Burgess,Parkinson, and Lee.
I also think Scott Cross should be given a run out in midfield along side Congy because Nathan is too hit and miss for me,and with Hendrie and Bellingham up front and with Hoban and O'Grady out wide we could start to play the ball on the floor again instead of kicking it as hard and as far as we can( if i wanted to watch that kind of football i'd go and watch Woodford)
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I didn't realise that I was suggesting any reasons for a number of players moving on. I don't think the departures were a reaction against Mark personally. We knew beforehand that Tom and Russ were moving whoever was the manager of the Town. I have never spoken to any of the players who moved and so I don't whether they moved for a higher level of football, for more money or to be with Aidy Fuller. I was simply following Lawrence's thread by giving my analysis of the team half way through the season. I just thought that last year's team had more better players and more cohesion than this year's team so far. And I think last night's performance against Beaconsfield supports my view.


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