Daventry Town Football Club

Daventry Town Football Club
By Erika Mole | 12th March 2012

Ladies knocked out of League cup quarter-final

A disappointing loss for Ladies in their league cup quarter-final, Rise Park came out stronger and wanted the win more then Daventry Town Ladies.

A disappointing loss for the Ladies but nothing they didn't deserve, the Town did't show up and were slow to everything Rise park did.
Rise Park went ahead 10 minutes in and then scored another 10 minutes later from a corner and were still pressing, the town started to loss their heads by barking at each other instead of uniting as a team, after a Rise park corner the ball fell on the 18 yard box to be picked up by Erika Mole who ran the length of the pitch to get her shot away which then rebound off the keeper for lauren Roberts to finish, half time.

Second half was a better performance by town but no were near their best, jess holly came on and made a difference with kelly worthington pushed up front and the only one moving for the ball and looked like scoring. It seemed like the town had frogotten how to play football and panicked when in possession of the ball with movement of others being little to none. The second half their was no really action form either end and the final score end 2-1 to Rise park.

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