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Business end of the season

By G. DEVINE, 23rd Apr 2012

Got the points yesterday after a better performance in the second half. Not much to write home about but a win is a win. We made it difficult for ourselves by trying to win the match twice. They had 10 men, we had the ball, but we kept giving it back to them so they could try a punt over the top which was the only way they would have scored.
Football is a simple game made difficult by poor decision making.
Why do we do possession drills in training? 10 passes is a goal etc? Then we play a match and it's out the window as we try to score every time we get the ball.
I realise it's our first season and we are doing well so I'm not on here busting anybody's balls but if things like this aren't highlighted then we wont progress as a team.
I never isolate individual mistakes because everyone makes them, it's the general structure of the team that everyone needs to understand.
Onwards and upwards lads, we play Carnhill FC on Wednesday night in St. Columb's Park and then City Harps FC on Sunday over there aswell.
Chance for us to cement our involvement for the remainder of the season.
From now on please just follow instructions and get on with what the setup is. Stevey is the captain on the pitch so keep your ears open and listen, we need to control games and this requires communication on the field. Not the gung-ho attitude that creeps in.
Also, a word on discipline. We got two yellows yesterday, good job in keeping your mouths shut. We got on with it and formation changed to counteract the dismissal. They got the red for bitching with the ref.
Take your sinbins lads, I'm all for getting carded for tackles that break up play when needed. Not for losing your cool and opening your mouth, so well done on that.
Squad will be listed tomorrow for Wednesday's game.

Any thoughts or comments please post below...


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  1. Kieran Dunne over 3 years ago

    Good result yesterday lads. We played okay but we can play a lot better. didn't really test their keeper much apart from the goal and the one Jap clearly off the line! Agree with the comments bout keeping the ball better, we gave it away too easily and that invited pressure on us. But a clean sheet and three points at the end of the day. Still carrying a calf injury and kept feeling it when tried to sprint or turn. No point playing 2nd half when I couldn't give 100%. Should be grand for Sunday , i'll rest it up this week. Good luck tomorrow nite lads, hopefully another clean sheet and 3 points!

  2. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    43 comments and counting... impressive

    Even managed to get one from Jap. Numbers will double tomorrow once Sean gets on.

  3. michael nixon over 3 years ago

    haha naw fair dues he played well lik every1 did lik but steve stood out for me. that 1 deffinitly WASNT a cross lol

  4. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    My comments were not directed directly at you Micky you were not the only one guilty of it but it needs to be highlighted in order for us to improve. Something we can all work on I suppose.

  5. michael nixon over 3 years ago

    first things first lads im goni apologise for givein the ball away countless times wen ur wrong ur wrong lik. im nt makein excuses but wen u have 1 man sayin hold it up 4 screamin for it to be passed r crossed its hard on witch 1 to nt listen to but thats just bad decisions but its sumfing i can personaly work on. an steve no offence to other performances of urs but i think thats the best i saw u play yet u looked comfortable an the ref was left alone lol but all in all gud result hope they can continue

  6. G. DEVINE over 3 years ago

    Wasn't only you who gave it away. It was a general observation on most of the team. Good goal (cross!) by the way ;)
    Steve does well in there because he keeps it simple and lets the ball do the work. It's when he's in midfield and tries to skin a guy and dwell on it that makes him a shite player!

  7. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    Your ma!

  8. Marty Breslin over 3 years ago

    What do you mean I'm funny? What do you mean, you mean the way I talk? What? Funny how? You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it's me, I'm a little f*cked up maybe, but I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I'm here to fuckin' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?

  9. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    Are you on antidepressants by any chance?

  10. G. DEVINE over 3 years ago

    Haha calm down Tommy!

  11. Marty Breslin over 3 years ago

    ya shouldn't be a suit if ya don't know ur goodfellas :) kinda ballsed it up though, meant to be replying to anton, ended up just lookin nuts ha ha

  12. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    I don't think you can reply to a reply.
    You and Dom should go a date some time.

  13. Marty Breslin over 3 years ago

    We played ok. They didn't create too much. Had us under pressure first half, ref was giving every wee nudge for freekicks. Once we were a goal n a man up, we should av settled down n knocked the ball about, esp when we are use to that surface.

    Good goal micky. We should be taking a lot more shots (kept on target of course) to test keepers in this league, ya never know who may be in nets, could be someone who pulled the short straw before the game.

    Well done lee on first game back, tidied things up and kicked well.

    Who is voting sean in man of the match? do we really want to give it to the man who fell over when the ball was kicked straight to him. It was my precise pass too, i made it look as if I was passing to dom, but slid it short to sean ;) can you vote for yourself for motm?

  14. G. DEVINE over 3 years ago

    Hahaha aye all the wanes on the sideline were laughing at him when he bit the dirt!
    Yes Marty you can vote for yourself! Others do it all the time!

  15. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    Skippy can you please keep both feet on the ground when you take a throw!

  16. James Nash over 3 years ago

    hahaha why was sean wearing orthopedic shoes yesterday instead of boots like everyone else?

  17. Marty Breslin over 3 years ago

    Is that what I'm doing wrong? I thought it was me arms, wtf am I doin? why are my feet off the ground when I throw? Jeez they were obsessed with the throw ins yesterday too, n then they went and got one given against them, ha ha. then I went and ballsed one though...n I messed up one to jimmys head.

  18. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    You jumped when you threw the ball and you got away with a few dodgy ones. As for Sean's footwear go easy on him he is the SPECIAL one.

  19. Anthony Devine over 3 years ago

    haha you are funny Marty

  20. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    Ooooooooooooooh sailor!

  21. Marty Breslin over 3 years ago

    Feckin feet anyway. All they have to do is stay on the ground. Who knows what they are up to when I ain't lookin.

  22. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    Maybe you should try and stay awake it helps and it also helps when driving around roundabouts.

  23. Marty Breslin over 3 years ago

    ha ha lights n roundabouts. Too used to this country drivin these days all you have to do is keep it between the hedges.

  24. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    I bet Sean voted for himself

  25. G. DEVINE over 3 years ago

    Can someone show Anton how to head the ball? You don't use your nose ya Timmy

  26. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    What you on about it was a bad kick. The ball only travelled 50 yards he had no time to react....

  27. Anthony Devine over 3 years ago

    Hard trying to deal with some of those brutal kick outs. Weins laffin at me on the side lines :(

  28. User 321464 over 3 years ago


  29. Anthony Devine over 3 years ago

    Emmett defs wont be voting for him tee hee

  30. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    HAHA or DC!

  31. G. DEVINE over 3 years ago

    Or Dom ;)

  32. Dominic Hazlett over 3 years ago

    Or Dom!

  33. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    Sean taking down MOTM poll. I wish I could retract my vote gonna have to listen to him. Can all future votes not be given to Sean? We can still overhaul him.

  34. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    Two games this week. Any new injury concerns?
    Simon/Emmet you boys fit to play or whats the story?

  35. Anthony Devine over 3 years ago

    Right and left back have 2 new players now...

  36. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    Was talking for up front :-D

  37. Anthony Devine over 3 years ago


  38. Anthony Devine over 3 years ago

    Well done lads, made it hard on ourselves but a wins a win. Listen to what you are being told above, i will be trying to take it on board myself.

    PS - Lets try not to block our own shots off the line next game...wonder if that'll get a comment outta Jap.

  39. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    He was their best defender ;-P

  40. Caolan Logue over 3 years ago

    ye had the whole net to aim at and u hit me ya bender.

  41. G. DEVINE over 3 years ago

    Jap you wee creepy bastard! Hiding on this then popping up the odd time!
    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha "bender"
    Jap 1-0 Anton

  42. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    Daddy doesn't aim he just oofs it!
    Next time stay clear he is a liability!

  43. Anthony Devine over 3 years ago


  44. G. DEVINE over 3 years ago

    When on the touchline watching you see things differently than when on the pitch. Rightly or wrongly you seem to concentrate on what is happening on the flank closest to you. So on the opposite side yesterday it was hard to make out what Marty and Dunne were doing between them. Halftime though and Dunne said he wasn't in the game and came off. That's football lads, so take an example from him. If your playing shit and can't get into it or your carrying an injury then let us know. Hard trying to track and keep an eye on all 11 of you head-the-balls at once!

  45. User 321464 over 3 years ago

    Morning all

    Good game yesterday lads and good to get back to winning ways. Full backs did well and Jim offered calmness in the middle of the park when he came on. Lee was very good instructing defence so probably between those four for MOTM imo.

    Lads I hate shouting on the pitch and I don't want to be on people's back all the time but if I ask you to do something so simple would it be possible to at least attempt to carry out the instructions?

    We have 11 men on the pitch they have 10.
    We are 1-0 up with 10 minutes to go.
    They are chasing the game and we are in control.
    The only way they are going to score is by a punt up field and hopefully latch on to a 2nd ball or maybe an individual mistake.
    Why are we crossing the ball to no one and give them about 5/6 goal kicks in the space of about 5 minutes giving them the initiative to do exactly what they want?
    Not rocket science lads if there was 20/30 mins left go for another, but when it is in the dying stages protect what we have, frustrate them and keep ball. If we have the ball they can't score.
    We need to be smarter closing out games. Other than that I thought we passed the ball well and looked tidy in possession in certain periods of the match.

    btw great goal Mickey

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