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By Billy Low, 16th Aug 2012

I hope that you are all aware that Rugby Ready has changed - and for the better!

Rugby Ready is the minimum legal standard to coach rugby. Last year the SRU were starting out on this and had mini coaches and senior coaches doing their Rugby Ready together. As a result of feedback saying that this just wasn't sensible The Senior Rugby Ready is now a seperate course.

This practical course this year is on Monday 20th Aug at Meadowmill 7pm - 9pm

Prior to doing this course you MUST do the Rugby Ready online course.

I know some of you will be thinking why do I have to do this.......But having looked at the course content and how its been recieved in other areas it really is a must for us all.

NB even the National coaches now attend this every year and I think you will find it very interesting.

The Mini/Midi Rugby Ready Session is on 3rd September 7 - 9 PM @ Hallhill

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  1. David Wilson over 3 years ago

    Re sat rugby ready and rugby ready referees test and it is worth players doing this as they would get good understanding of the rules. If anyone does do both of these then remember and let Fiona have dates you passed these for club records.