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Show me ya Bits, this week, ref chat, photos, hands, unmuzzled wolf, Mountain Issues, Twit Bits ...

Show Me Your Bits!!
Thanks a lot for contributions, especially many of the clubs in Div 3 (see acknowledgments at the bottom). If you feel like taking a few minutes to preview your division's games, share a yarn from your club or want to stir the pot, please send to me. Remember for the best "Bit" sent by Monday 16th midnight, two tix to Waratahs v Lions game at SFS on 21st.

On The Field:
In Kentwell, Colleagues lost their first 2011 game last Saturday, to Cambelltown, despite the match being moved to Woollahra. Campbelltown are travelling well, and travel again this week to Koola to take on Knox who notched their first win last week, over Lindfield (winless).

In Barraclough, the table is splitting in two with the undefeated Briars hosting Blacktown the key match this week.

In Clark, Blue Mountains continue undefeated and in a slick performance last Saturday, picked up a bonus point win over UWSH with a big end to the game - they led 13-3 at the break. After running out of steam in the very west of our comp last week, UWSH travel to the seaside looking for a change of air and fortunes when they take on Waverley. The battle of third place v fourth just might be decided at the number 9 position with Brendon Fidow for UWSH up against Mark Nicholls. Also key will be whether Waverley can contain inform Blood and Mustard centre, Jeff Ryan. Rest assured both the winners and the losers will sing the praise of the beverages on offer at the nearby Waverley Bowling Club and then full of sea air, the Richmond based boys face the extra challenge of the bus trip home.
Last week in McLean Cup, the winning three teams scored 161 and the losing three 7 combined. Two of those winning teams play this week when Brothers meet St George. At last outing at home, Brothers won 58-7 but St George will be looking to reverse that score and hope that Brothers might be distracted by their bus trip shenanigans. It's full scale dress ups - see past trip photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.217675974910752.62619.214557958555887

Canterbury, second on 17 pts and Lane Cove, third on 15 meet this week in Jeffrey Cup. Last meeting at Wills 72 points were racked up, with Canterbury taking the bacon 44-28.

In Meldrum, Dundas meet Sydney Grammar with the loser slipping away from the top group. They look evenly matched and it should be a cracker at Reg Bartley.

What Refs Discuss Over a Beer.
Last Friday night in the Reds v Rebels fixture, Julian Huxley, running across field, leaps high, takes the ball, calls "mark" and lands with both feet over the sideline. The referee ruled that the "mark" took place in the field of play and awarded a free kick just in from touch. The ball was kicked from outside the 22 to Huxley, and because he sailed over the sideline and took the ball into touch from the air, could it have also been a lineout to Huxley's Rebels 50 metres back up field from where the kick was made? To badge wearer, Craig Duckmanton, "the mark was not the advantage, the lineout back up field was and so the lineout with Rebels throw should have been the result".
Was the mark and touch simultaneous or do you have to rule the mark because it happened first?

The Spirit of Rugby and Refs
Just on refs, I had a request this week from a whistleblower asking to remind players/clubs to be kind to refs. If you don't agree or know why, find the most decent bloke in your club and find out from him. "It's the little things" that make a difference - shake the guy/gal's hand and thank them for their time - win, lose, draw or robbed.

Step Away - Give me Light
During a trial game in March, Hunters Hill halfback Richie Colley was getting treatment to a profusely bleeding nose when a seemingly caring fellow asked all to move back. Not because the other players were crowding the injured Colley and making him feel uncomfortable, but so that he could get a photo of the carnage for the website. The photo of the week has turned into a club sport. See http://www.huntershillrugby.org.au/photoOfWeek/index.htm Mr Colley is 5th along on the top row.
Fix "er up doc!
St Pats are seeking a "friendly" hand surgeon for some fairly urgent work for one of their props. President Greg Dening is doing his best "because if he doesn't fix it, it will be like losing a girlfriend"

Falling down a mountain
Check this out. 2nd time you watch it, you get how steep it is.

Don't Get Lost in the Mountains!
After an amazing three and a half decades at the same joint, Blue Mountains rugby club have a new post match watering hole! - the Blaxland Tavern. The top result in a google search is an article in the Blue Mountains Gazette about council concern over scantily clad waitresses.
Asking For It?
Thanks to Balmain try scoring flanker Kane Gilsenan who sent the following note me. I thought it needed some comment so asked The Godfather. Dunny declined. Apologies for longevity - you can see all aren't as word frugal as Hodgiehodgiehoidgie (whoops overdid it)
From Kane:
Just wanted to give Dunny a heads up (The Right Culture 26/04/2011). If he intends on rousing the Shammies into a theme night for the return leg in their battle with Epping he'd best check out The Epping Clubs 'house rules' http://www.eppingclub.com/about/house-rules/. When my Balmain boys played at Somerville Oval a horde of - so called - hoity toity Muzzled Wolves were turned away from the premise for "inappropriate dress". Inappropriate dress for post-match speeches! Where I'm from if you're shirtless, beer gut hanging over mud slung shorts, socks rolled down and bleeding from a head wound you're still overdressed for speeches (You can take the boy out of Gosford.......)
Dunny had best set his theme accordingly. I'd like to suggest a theme of 'Wills and Kate - A love story'. A right royal theme should get the lads up to the lofty standards of The Epping Club - note:1. Headwear is not permitted (except for religious reasons). I'm not sure if this excludes tiaras and fascinators but I'm not going to do all the hard work for them. There are a few ex-Muzzled Wolves sniffing around Petersham that could play the Princess. If that is too specific I'm sure a general dress code of 'Bible Belt Chic' will do the trick.
On this Latte set business, quite frankly as a proud Cenny Coast Bogan I'm offended by it. Also, a good percentage of Balmain Rugby players are here on quite questionable visa conditions. A higher proportion of Muzzled Wolves hail from the mean streets of Glasgow than any other locality. Over there if you call someone a 'Latte Sculler' you are just as likely to be glassed with the latte glass. They are small but effective in the wrong hands.
Also testament that the "posh" label has been applied unfairly, is the fact that many a Balmain Boy is having an intense struggle each Saturday with the new fangled socks that have an 'L' embroidered on one and an 'R' on the other. If the lads can crack the devilishly tricky code our opposition should be able to read 'Muzzled Wolves' written across the front of our socks as we side step them on the way to the line. Needless to say there have been plenty socks going on the wrong feet, inside out and back to front leading to 'Wolves Muzzled', 'Delzzum Selvlow" and words disappearing altogether. Sons of Doctors and Lawyers we aint.
Hopefully that puts that to bed. I take soy milk, one sugar, in case you were wondering.
The Godfather:
Yeah Hodgie. all I can say is Kane or "Soy Latte" will no doubt cop a bashing at training from his own Club! My guess is that Soy Latte is "Demographically Challenged", the poor bastard. He goes on about fascinators, tiaras, Royal love stories and being a "Hoity Toity Muzzled Wolve" who got denied access to the Epping Club. This all sounded too "Sus" to me so I checked out his email link in order give him the benefit of the doubt. Immediately I read in point 3 of Club Dress - General Guide
"Body shirts and crop tops which have an approximate length of 3cm or more from the naval are not permitted"!
I can now understand there being Ex-Muzzled Wolves!?
Then the gripe about being associated with the "Latte Set". Hello! Google "How many coffee shops in Balmain" There are 64. For the same land mass on average in the shire, there are 5. "You gotta just live with it Soy Latte"!
As for looking after fellow clubmen, I don't have much time for the comments on his Glasgow mates with questionable visas. They will probably be deported next week as more than just Rugby players read the Subbies website. I remember a few years back when 30 undercover coppers & Ds turned up to your ground Hodgie. The following week our No.10 was done
for conspiring to knock over a bank. You bastards!!!
My advice Soy Latte is to accept the demographics that influence your Club. The recent state election results may assist you as a guide. In Balmain the ALP got 30.2% of the vote, LIBs - 32.6% and the Greens received 30.4% - and we all know the Greens support "Alternative Lifestyles". Now if you apply these percentages to the team you play in ............. You may not want to drop the soap!!!
Now, play some hard Rugby, accept living with the characteristics of Balmain's society and enjoy being part of (and you said it) Balmain Rugby Est 05 - Australia's Fastest Growing Ego Rugby Club (Was the signoff on Kane's email - hhh)
That is All - The Godfather!

Back In My Day ...
From the Godfather: HQ Kingswoods transported the whole team to a match including the Coach & Manager. By the way, the Manager wasn't there to assist the coach. He was there to place our bets at the TAB!

Red Headed Step Son
It is hard to love the "tahs at the mo, but hang in there, we could come home strong after our bye this week. After last Friday's tight win over Force (76 kicks from the hand in the 80 minutes = 1 kick per 26 secs of ball in play), AAP reported that coach Chris Hickey said. "Some games you win with skill and others you win with will."
The previous week Aussie's top S15 contender went down to the Kiwi struggler in a spectacle while the Tahs bashed out a win over the Melbourne based team in a spectacle-free spectator punish. From Twitter @iainpayten nails it with this: This is as deep as I'm getting tonight. Reds v Canes = Kate v Pippa. Tahs v Rebels = Beatrice v Eugenie.

Twit Bits
(@OldIggiesRugby) 7/05/11 5:10 PM
1st Grade OldIggies final score. Over 70 points scored & too many to count correctly. But we definitely lost to Mosman 55 #oirfc 20 ono
"or nearest offer"??? Actually 48-20

(@QuadeCooper) 6/05/11 7:32 PM
Got some good support in Melbourne!! Let's go #gametime
Note that this is 8 minutes before kick off!
The next morning Quadie tweeted that he had better hurry cos his flight had been called. Sorry mate "unfollow" - I've had enough.
He still has 28,255 followers. Oh, it is not to say I have a job yet - pass along any leads for work for me!

And I thought it was about the committee doing all the work!
The 80/20 rule is Hugh Hefner's wife-selection policy.

Show Me Your Bits!
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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Jon Kilby, The Godfather, Kane Gilsenan, Jeff Lalchere, Andrew Ball, AAP-DJW, Greg Dening, Craig Duckmanton, John Salisbury and of course the tieless staff of our Subbies Office.

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