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Sun 4 Nov 13:00 - Friendly

Half century for Dunfermline S2 against Perthshire

Team: Kieran Wilson, Michael Smith, Jay Hogg, Brandon Golledge, John Lymburn, Cal Clarke, Thomas Pooley, Jonathan Scott, Aidan Reddick, Ben Dollery, Alexander McKenzie, Euan Colston, Cameron Symes, Ethan Wood, Andrew Waterwoth, Harvey Watson, Harry McCull


Todays game was sponsored by Margaret Lowthian, Grandmother of Aidan Reddick and the match ball was presented to captain Jonathan Scott by Neve Reddick.

Despite some early concern about the state of the pitch, the game kicked off, on time, in unexpected bright sunshine at McKane Park. Todays visitors were Perthshire, a team we have had the better of in recent seasons, however the games have always been competitive and very physical and we were expecting more of the same.

Try – 1 minute (Dunfermline 4 – 0 Perth

Some early pressure from Perth with direct running from a couple of their bigger players was snuffed out following a double tackle from Thomas and Jay resulting in a spilled ball. The ball was quickly moved along the line to Cammy Symes who made a half break before popping to the supporting Ethan Wood who used his strength to drive over. Ben Dollery added the extra point.

Try -- 5 minutes (Dunfermline 8 – 0 Perth)

A scrum in the middle of the pitch was won by Dunfermline and the ball was moved to centre Cammy Symes who brushed off a number of would be tacklers before scoring under the posts. Ben Dollery added the extra point.

Try -- 15 minutes (Dunfermline 12 – 0 Perth)

A period of sustained pressure in the Perth half finally yielded a try. A untidy ruck on the Perth line resulted in the ball squirting out the back. Ben managed to get his hands on it and passed to Andrew Waterworth who was tackled but managed to off load to Ethan who passed to the supporting Cammy Symes. Cammy drew the last defender before popping to Aidan Reddick to score in the corner. Ben Dollery added the extra point.

Try -- 20 minutes (Dunfermline 16 – 0 Perth)

From a scrum inside the Perth 22 , the ball was passed along the back line to Ethan Wood who was tackled inches short, from the resulting ruck, Jonathan Scott picked up the ball to drive over. Ben Dollery converting.

Try -- 23 minutes (Dunfermline 20 – 0 Perth)

Ethan Wood scored a try. No ones exactly sure what happened as the coaches cant remember and the video missed the entire build up (Harry trying to get out of videoing next weeks game possibly). Apparently it was a beauty though and was dotted down under the post. Ben Dollery added the extra point.

Try – 25 minutes (Dunfermline 24 – 0 Perth)

Aidan Reddick picked up from a ruck just outside the Dunfermline 22 and advanced up the blind side before passing on to Ethan Wood who popped back inside to Brandon Golledge. From the resulting tackle, quick ruck ball was moved along the back line with a lovely miss pass from Andrew Waterworth to Euan Colston. Euan passed to left wing Alex McKenzie who rounded his man and the cover defence to run in from the halfway line. Ben Dollery converting.

Try – 28 minutes (Dunfermline 28 – 0 Perth)

A series of quick rucks in the Perth half was eventually converted into a second try for Cammy Symes. Cammy received the ball just outside the 22 and jinked past the tiring Perth defenders to score under the posts. Ben Dollery added the extra point to round off an excellent kicking display with 7 conversions from 7.

Try – 32 minutes (Dunfermline 32 – 0 Perth)

The second half started brightly with Andrew Waterworth fielding the kick off and advancing up the pitch before offloading out of the tackle to Ethan Wood. Ethan made more ground before passing to Euan Colston then to Kieran Wilson. From the resulting ruck the ball was moved to Euan who waltzed through the Perth defence to touch down under the posts. Ethan Wood converted

Try – 35 minutes (Dunfermline 35 – 0 Perth)

Another period of sustained possession from Dunfermline saw the ball moved back and forwards across and up the pitch. Good hands from the back division nearly put Harvey Watson in, in the corner, but from the resulting ruck, Ethan Wood picked up to drive over for his hat trick.

Try – 42 minutes (Dunfermline 38 – 0 Perth)

A series of rucks within the Perth 22 eventually resulted in a try for Jay Hogg. The ball was moved quickly to Ben who drew his man before popping to Jay who crashed over.

Try – 45 minutes (Dunfermline 42 – 0 Perth)

From the restart Ben Dollery collected the high ball and then brushed off the first Perth tackler before setting up a ruck. Thomas Pooley picked up from the back of the ruck and drove up the pitch before passing to Euan Colston who ran in untouched from the half way line. Ben Dollery converting.

Try – 47 minutes (Dunfermline 46 – 0 Perth)

The penultimate try was scored by Thomas Pooley. Some good handling from a mix of backs and forwards moved the ball across the pitch from left to right to Ethan Wood who made good yards before being brought down. From the resulting ruck the ball was moved back across the pitch to Jonathan Scott who just failed to reach the line thanks to an excellent cover tackle from the big Perth back row. This only delayed the inevitable however as Thomas arrived at the ruck and picked up and popped over in the corner. Ethan converting.

Try – 50 minutes (Dunfermline 50 – 0 Perth)

The final try of the game again following a good take from the restart by Thomas Pooley who drove up the pitch shrugging of a number of tacklers before offloading to Euan Colston. Euan drove further up field before offloading to Brandon Golledge who ran in unopposed to score. Ethan added the final conversion.

All in all a good game despite a slow start, against a Perth side who never gave up and provided much stiffer opposition than the score line suggests, especially in the tackle and the ruck area, and competed well through out. Dunfermlines scrum was however especially dominant continuing their rich vein of form although the line out was not as good as the previous week. There are however lots of things to work on this week at training in preparation for a tough test at Stirling in a weeks time and all players, who wish to make themselves available, will need to attend.

Many thanks to the Perth coaches, players and supporters for coming down to see us and we look forward to coming up to the Inch later in the season. Thanks to Cameron Shaw, Kieran Twaddle and Sean Cameron who played for Perth today as they could not travel with a full team. Also thanks to Cally, Liz, Carol (and Andy) in the kitchen and Jenna, Katie and Neve from the cake stand.


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