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Dunfermline Rugby Football Club
Sun 17 Sep 11:00 - Friendly Full time

Dunfermline 11 - Kinross 23

Dunfermline beat at home in their first full set of contact matches

Due to a large turnout from both Kinross and Dunfermline we were able to play 3 full matches giving the boys lots of experience.

Match 1 - Callum, Ruaridh, Findlay, Adam, James, Ollie
The action started straight away with Adam picking up the ball for Dunfermline and weaving his way right to the try line but he was tackled before scoring. The action continued with Kinross picking up the ball and making their way to the other end but Ruaridh took them out with a diving tackle. The ball transferred to Dunfermline and Ruaridh ran the length of the pitch to score his first try of the match. Kinross scored next and the play got really exciting. The ball transferred from each team with lots of tackling , great passes and offloads. Ruaridh scored his next try for the team closely followed by another from Kinross. James picked up the ball and ran for the line but was tackled into touch by a Kinross player. Kinross scored the next try but then Dunfermline went on the offensive with a series of great tackles before Ruaridh went on to score his 3rd try of the match. Adam passed to Callum who started to make a run forward but was soon taken out by a big tackle from Kinross, the ball passed to Kinross who made a sprint for the try line scoring at the half time whistle.
The second half was just as exciting as the first with lots of contact between the two teams and enthusiastic tackling. Kinross opened the scoring in the first minutes but Ruaridh responded when the ball passed to Dunfermline and made a wide run down the side of the pitch unfortunately running into touch and causing the ball to be passed to the other side. Kinross quickly passed the ball and made their way to the line weaving past a couple of our players, Ruaridh sprinted after them and caught them with a fantastic tackle just before the try line. Ollie and James both made great attempts at trying to get past the Kinross side but kept getting taken out by them. Kinross scored, closely followed by a great try by Adam for Dunfermline. Adam kept in the game by following up with a great tackle on a Kinross player but Kinross managed to score again. In the final play of the match Adam was tackled just on the line, leaving the final score as Dunfermline 5 Kinross 7

Match 2 - Arthor, Ewan, Eddie, Lewis, Sam P, Harry and Sam
Lewis found an open space in the first few minutes to score the opening try of the game. This was quickly followed by a try by Kinross as Dunfermline left too many open spaces in their defence and let the opposition score. Dunfermline appeared to be overwhelmed by the strength of the Kinross side and their tackling ability and let through a further two tries. Lewis appeared to be the star of the first half by making a determined run to the line scoring again for Dunfermline. Kinross answered with another try of their own. In his first match for the team Harry was commended for a great tackle when he brought down a member of the opposing team just on the line stopping them from scoring. Sam P managed to break from the pack and make a speedy dash for the line down the side but was tackled into touch. The final score of the first half came from Lewis with a lovely weaving run that resulted in a try.
The second half proved to be most disasterous for Dunfermline and they struggled to show the form they have had in previous matches. A series of messy passes and missed tackles allowed Kinross to score 5 tries in the second half. A high tackle against Eddie led to Kinross being sent back 5m but Dunfermline failed to capitalise on the penalty. We had a glimmer of great teamwork when Lewis and Ewan both worked together to determinedly tackle a sprinting Kinross player stopping him from scoring. And Sam P made another run for a try for Dunfermline but as he ran too wide down the pitch he was easily knocked into touch by a bigger Kinross player. Final Score Dunfermline 3 Kinross 9

Match 3
After a break the coaches decided to go for a 3rd game this time playing 7 a side with both teams regularly substituting players.
Dunfermline seemed to have perked up after a snack and immediately went on the attack. Adam was tackled to the ground but made a great offload of the ball to Ruaridh who went on to score the first try of the third match. Kinross tried to score but Ruaridh was there again taking them out with a great tackle a metre from the line. After Dunfermline running into touch again Kinross were passed the ball. Kinross tried to advance but were taken out by fantastic tackles by Ruaridh and Harry. Kinross were determined though and managed to score next. Kinross kept on the attack and took advantage of a gap in the wing but were taken out by a flying running Ruaridh. Ruaridh seemed to have a knack for being in the right place and after some failed runs by Ollie and Eddie he went on to score another try for Dunfermline. Kinross scored next with the half time score 2-2.
Kinross started the second half with another try. The only try for Dunfermline in the second half came in the next few minutes after a determined weaving run of the full pitch by Ruaridh. Both teams were obviously beginning to tire and make messy plays and careless tackles. The referee referred to one point of the match as being "An unofficial game of pile on the biscuit" (this must be something unique to Kinross as we've not heard this reference in Dunfermline before) Kinross broke through the mess of tackles though to score another 2 tries. James made a cracking tackle against Kinross but they responded with a forceful tackle that resulted in Adam being quite literally lifted off his feet and dropped to the ground. Our boys continued to try to use their speed and break through the Kinross defence but the weight of the other team just proved too much today and they went on to score another twice. Final score Dunfermline 3 Kinross 7

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