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Sun 5 Nov 11:00 - Friendly Kickoff 11:00

High action games

Lots of tries and tackles for Dunfermline

Games against Linlithgow and Kinross today. Dunfermline were split into two teams of 6 and played 3 games each with no subs, which proved to be very tiring for our boys by the third match. Unfortunately the match reporter was biased by watching their own son's games today so missed reports on two of the Team 1 matches.

Team 1 - Lewis, Ruaridh, Finlay, Eddie, Harry, Arthor
Team 2 - Sam P, Ollie, Callum, Ewan, James, Sam E

Dunfermline 1 v Linlithgow
Ruaridh opened the first match by scoring a try in the opening minutes. Dunfermline left gaps in their defensive line and allowed Linlithgow an easy clear run to score next. Lewis stopped a second try with a fantastic tackle and the ball was scooped up by Eddie who was unfortunately knocked off his feet just short of the try line. After the ball moved up the other end Dunfermline came back with a series of great passes and weaves by Ruaridh, Lewis and Eddie who passed it back off to Lewis to score our second try of the match. Linlithgow scored next. Eddie and Lewis again exchanged some great passes to set up Ruaridh for his second try of the match. Another try by Linlithgow. Ruaridh tackled a Linlithgow player to the ground and Lewis scooped up the ball and did a fabulous running weave down the pitch but was foiled from scoring by a tackle that took him right off the pitch. Being tackled didn't deter our Lewis as he was straight back into his tackling form and set Ruaridh up for another try for Dunfermline. Linlithgow evened the score by getting the next try. There was some really good tackling during the game which obviously led to some really messy rucks. On more than one occasion the opposing team snatched the ball out of the hands of our team during rucks and on one occasion ran off and scored an easy try whilst our boys were still contesting the play. Eddie scored next for Dunfermline bringing the score back to even at half time. The second half opened with a try by Linlithgow after a missed tackle by Ruaridh. However Ruaridh soon remedied this by scoring for Dunfermline. Lewis made a beautiful weaving run of the pitch and handed off to Eddie who scored again for the away side. The play went back and forth with lots of tackles, Arthor got a good pick up and made a run for it but was foiled by the larger Linlithgow side. Final score Dunfermline 8 v Linlithgow 9

Kinross 5/11/17
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Dunfermline 2 v Kinross
Ewan drove straight through the Kinross defenses to score the first try of the match. Kinross quickly answered with a try of their own. Ewan continued to batter through the Kinross side and scored for the second time for Dunfermline. As in the first match Dunfermline left gaps in their defensive line allowing Kinross's fastest runner (I'm sure he would give Usain Bolt a run for his money) a nice easy run to the try line not once but 3 times this match. Ewan was on a roll for Dunfermline today and scored again for Dunfermline. Ollie made a fantastic attempt at tackling but didn't manage to get the bigger Kinross player's legs tight enough and ended up being carried along the pitch but he didn't give up, as the next time he had his hands on the ball he used his speed and agility to make a fabulous weaving run of the pitch to score. Kinross scored again at the half time whistle. Dunfermline came out fighting in the second half, Ewan took down a Kinross player and James grabbed the ball and scored. Kinross scored again but Ollie answered by putting one on the board for Dunfermline. Despite some enthusiastic tackling from our boys, and some great runs by the two Sams Dunfermline didn't score again in the second half and Kinross scored another 5. Final score Dunfermline 6 v Kinross 13

Dunfermline 2 v Linlithgow
Callum made a valliant attempt at tackling in the opening minutes but the Linlithgow player slipped through his hands and scored. After some great passes Ollie got the ball and scored for Dunfermline. Linlithgow scored. On a whole the teams were fairly balanced and there were was a lot of action in the game. Tackles came thick and fast from both sides with some notable take downs by James and Ewan. Ewan was definitely the man of the match though in the try scoring as he powered through the Linlithgow side often dragging them over the line with him as he scored 3 tries in the first half and another 4 in the second. Ollie was also on fine form in the sunshine as he weaved his way to another try. After a streak of Linlithgow tries, Ewan tackled and Sam P picked up and scored the final try of the game. Final score Dunfermline 11 v Linlithgow 13

Dunfermline 2 v Linlithgow
Our boys were definitely beginning to tire by this 3rd match and this was reflected in the score. They were also up against a larger Linlithgow side that was constantly substituting it's players with fresh legs. Sam P made a run for an opening try and was tackled just short of the line, then James made a run and was also tackled without scoring. Linlithgow scored then scored again with a really easy run through our defense. Our boys did not give up though and James put a score on the board for Dunfermline. Linlithgow scored another twice. After a few passes and runs Sam E got a hold of the ball and made a run for the line but was also tackled just before scoring. Linlithgow scored again. James scored again for Dunfermline after a great pass from Ewan. Linlithgow's fresh legs scored again just before the half time whistle. Linlithgow opened the second half with a try. After a scuffle near the line and a few passes, Ollie put the ball down for a Dunfermline try. Linlithgow scored another twice but then the action came back to Dunfermline with Ewan and James both scoring. Linlithgow got another 2 in but Sam P ended the match with a lovely running try. Final score Dunfermline 6 v Linlithgow 11

Quilter Kids First Skills Series: Hide the Attacker

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Kinross 5/11/17
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Kinross 5/11/17

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