EKRFC Insurance Scheme


EKRFC – Rugby Accident Insurance Scheme 2014-15


Compulsory Insurance Policy

EKRFC, with Scottish Rugby’s financial assistance, has a player Personal Accident insurance policy for all our players, coaches, managers, club officials, physiotherapists, doctor, ball boys/girls, including minis, midis and senior players when participating in rugby (playing, coaching or training) as part of an insured team.

This includes travelling to/from matches (but not travel to training or coaching sessions) and attending meetings on club business.

The cover is for Accidental Death and Disability.

The details of the policy, and sums covered under the policy, are set out in the Summary of Cover document attached. Age limits are:

• Mini/Midi Rugby: 4-16 years inclusive;
• Other: Playing members aged 16-55;
Non-playing members aged 7-75.

Under the compulsory policy, no cover is provided for temporary loss of earnings arising from a rugby related injury. This may, however, be provided under the Temporary Total Disablement Policy described below.

Temporary Total Disablement Insurance Policy

The Club has once more taken out the optional Temporary Total Disablement Insurance available under Scottish Rugby for the 1st and 2nd XVs. This applies to anyone playing/training as part of our 1st and 2nd XV squads.

Any EK players playing for Strathaven RFC under dual registration arrangements will be covered on the same basis under Strathaven’s separate Temporary Total Disablement Insurance Policy.

If you are dual registered and play for another club, other than Strathaven, e.g. Police Scotland, you should ask the officials of the other club whether they have a policy covering Temporary Total Disablement as you will be covered by their insurance arrangements in the (hopefully unlikely) event that you are injured while playing for them.

Under the Temporary Total Disablement Policy benefits, any qualifying person will receive:

1. During the first six weeks (the deferment period) following injury, where the individual is wholly prevented from attending his/her usual occupation, further education courses or seeking employment, the benefit payable is £25 a week and will be paid subject to a signed declaration from the player confirming his/her total incapacity.

2. After the deferment period, for those individuals who are in employment and continue to be wholly prevented from attending his/her usual occupation, the benefit payable is their weekly wage up to a maximum of £200 a week. (Note: the benefit payable after the deferment period does not apply to students or those not in employment).

If anyone needs to claim, or thinks they may be eligible, under the EK policy, please let me know as soon as possible.

Serious Injury Report Form

The Club is required to notify the Scottish Rugby – via a serious injury report form – if any player as a result of a rugby injury:

• attends hospital and/or is required to attend a follow up;
• is admitted to hospital and/or stays overnight;
• in the event of a fatality.

Under the Temporary Total Disablement Benefit, completion of the serious injury form is required for anyone injured and likely to be prevented from engaging in their usual occupation for more than 6 weeks, regardless of whether they had to attend hospital or not.

The serious injury form is available through the online Player Registration system. Contact me or your coach if you think one should be completed.

Public Liability Insurance

Scottish Rugby arranges for clubs Public Liability Insurance to cover the risks of playing, training, coaching or officiating rugby for a limit of £25,000,000. The policy responds to legal liability for accidental bodily injury to a third party or accidental damage to their property arising during a match, training session or practice game.

Cover includes the following: SRU member clubs/teams; players; coaching personnel/instructors; Development Officers; Referees and other match officials; Voluntary Medical Attendant*

*The policy does not cover qualified medical staff, physiotherapists etc unless providing emergency first aid during a match. Anyone providing subsequent injury treatment or rehabilitation should hold appropriate medical Malpractice insurance.

A slightly more detailed not about Public liability Insurance is on our Club Website, under Club Info then EKRFC Insurance Scheme or for those of you reading this online, you can click here.

I am happy to try to answer any queries anyone may have about any aspects of the cover described above.

Malcolm MacDonald
EKRFC Secretary
2 October 2014

Tel: 07788 443363
Email: ekrfcsec@yahoo.co.uk


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