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Social Rugby - what would help players reengage? Ideas please for Glasgow meeting on 13 Feb

By Malcolm MacDonald, 7th Feb 2013

With the cold winter weather in full swing and club fixtures feeling the effects of frozen pitches (as ever), there is interest to consider how to revise the way in which we operate ‘Social Rugby’.

Clubs which once boasted 4th and 5th teams now struggle weekly to put out a 2nds. So can one conclude that "the needs of the social rugby player is not necessarily suited to committing to Tuesday/Thursday Saturday from Aug – April"?

The Glasgow North Regional Development Officer has asked interested clubs to meet and discuss how we can develop a shortened ‘Social Rugby’ programme for spring 2013 designed to reengage the fringe/social player.

As an advocate of summer rugby, the answer is pretty clear but it may be that we need to have a prolonged winter break as a first step?

Anyway the purpose of this note is

(1) to invite suggestions on how we can help to promote Social Rugby and what steps we might take; and

(2) to extend an invitation to anyone interested to attend the meeting.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on (1) and also if you would like to attend. The meeting is at 7pm on Wednesday 13th February at Sportscotland, Doges, Templeton on the Green, Glasgow, G40 1DA.

I am going along to listen, and advocate summer rugby!!


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