Eclipse Netball Club

Eclipse is a new name in Netball with the experience behind it of a long established club

Our aim is to create a successful club - which can be measured not just by the number of games we win – but by how each individual member fits into and contributes to the club.

We are aiming to build a strong club, based on a core set of principles –
commitment, to the club and to your own personal development; honesty;
earned respect and discipline.

A strong club which welcomes senior players with their skills, experience and wise-heads, but also encourages youngsters to join, bringing their potential and fresh enthusiasm; youngsters who will stay with the club, providing the next generation of senior players.

A club which treats all members fairly and equally, and values the individual skills, style and diverse personalities that each member brings to the club;where everyone is encouraged to, and feels confident to contribute, and these contributions are valued and acknowledged – but most of all, a club where everyone enjoys their netball.

We will encourage members to take responsibility for their own progress, think about what they need to do to reach their netball potential and develop the confidence and skills to make positive netball decisions, both on and off the court.

We will expect a lot from our members, and we expect our members to ask a lot from the club. We will provide well thought out, structured training sessions aimed at developing both individual skills and a strong, positive style of play.

We will support and encourage members to develop not only their playing
skills, but all the other areas that go along with starting and growing a new club and we will aim to develop a strong network of both supporters and nonmembers who are keen to contribute their valuable skills to the club.