Eclipse Netball Club

Eclipse Netball Club

ANZ videos, Disneyland and Amazon

First up is the ANZ league we've had the semi finals and preliminary finals since our last update and I've put up some videos of these games on our forum so take a look, also get involved in the discussion, who's your favourite player and what team do you want to win?

ANZ Forum

We're considering a netball trip to Disneyland Paris but want to see what you guys think, see the details and add you're thoughts Here. Also add some of your own suggestions, ideas and discussions (it would be great to have someone other than me on there!!!)

If you want to see any updates to these forum threads or any others tick on the "subscribe to this thread button" when you reply to a thread.

Finally I've set up an Amazon Affiliates account so if you're going to buy anything from Amazon come through this website first. If you click on the Amazon link on the links page of our website Here and then buy anything on Amazon a percentage of the cost comes to Eclipse.

League News

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