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KCC Championships

By Paul Norris, Tuesday March 27

KCC Championships


Kent County Championships

This month saw the end of the 2012 Annual Kent County Championships and we are pleased to announce the results for those qualifying swimmers who chose to enter.

Official results confirmed some great swims with some commendable PB’s.

Emily Thompson – 50m B/F – 36.09 secs – 11th place
50m F/S - 31.06 secs – 8th place - PB

Georgia Lunn - 50m F/S - 32.10 secs - 24th place

Olivia Kelly - 50m F/S - 34.52 secs - 21st place - PB
- 50m B/S - 44.01 secs - 20th place - PB

Jessica Lawes - 50m B/S - 44.35 secs - 23rd place - PB

Hannah Hughes - 50m B/C - 36.81 secs - 19th place - PB

Ben Gibbs - 50m B/F - 40.61 secs - 23rd place - PB

A fantastic achievement for all those that qualified and a credit to the club from those that actually entered. Some competition nerves definitely reared their head at times, but this will only get better each year, so we are sure to get better and better results every time.

Look out to see if you qualify next year and don’t pass on the opportunity to take part in this county event. It only comes once a year and it’s always best to enter any time you qualify as the entry times change for each year group and therefore will change for you every time too.

Don’t miss out.

Well done everyone.


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