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By Paul Norris, Thursday February 23


Dear all,

Please find the enclosed letter with the new extended swimming times and swimming fees for all squads. You will also find the new squad lists which will advise you of the relevant swimming times for each squad

Payment - the website is set to accept payments via PAYPAL, I will issue a note regarding internet payment this next week. Alternatively a cheque for subs can go to Amanda. However, payment via the Internet would be the preferred method. Please watch for a mail regarding instructions on this later in the week.

ASA insurance is payable by all swimmers. The fee of £28.20 covers a swimmer to CAT 2 level which means they are insured to swim in all galas including Open meets and the NSL League. CAT1 level fee is £10.40 . However please note that if you only pay £10.40 now but wish to increase to a CAT2 swimmer later this year you will have to pay additional £28.20 not just the difference between to the two fees. We strongly recommend that any swimmer in the 10U age group this year registers as a CAT2 swimmer to make yourself eligible for selection for the NSL League galas , Also any swimmer wishing to swim in an Open meet. This also then allows the coaches total freedom of choice for all galas. The ASA fees need to be paid directly to Amanda with a cheque separate from your club fees. All swimmers will need to collect a form from Amanda which needs to be completed and returned with a cheque payable to Edenbridge Piranhas.

Due to smaller numbers in the older age groups at the moment it might be necessary for the club to swim swimmers up an age group. This is something that is not uncommon in smaller clubs, making sure we have a swimmer in every race means that the club will earn at least 1 point rather than nothing, this can make all the difference at the end of a gala. I always remember David Grenville stepping up to the plate for the club swimming well above his real age group and ensuring points to help the club win a trophy.

Change is something that all takes time. The new swimming programme has been designed to get the best of what pool time we currently have enabling all swimmers to have considerably more pool time, while I appreciate this has taken some time to implement I now believe that the time is right to introduce this.

EPSC have also opened up an early morning swimming session on a Tuesday,. This is something that was asked for by several swimmers. It is an extra "pay to swim" option and for this we are asking for a three month forward commitment. The committee has decided that we will underwrite the early morning swim for 3 months ( irrespective of whether we have sufficient numbers ) to show the commitment we believe we have within the club. You will also see that we had made a provision to add more swim time on a Thursday evening, depending on demand we will offer a "pay to swim" option in the same format as the early morning swim . Just so that I can try to make you all aware how hard it is to juggle the numbers. For EPSC to offer two lanes for 3 hours on a Thursday evening over a whole year costs £5000 to £6000. Yet if we can attract 15 new main squad swimmers this option has the potential to become a permanent feature within the cost of the main club fees, giving swimmers even more flexibility. Please refer to the notice board to see a note from your Captains to sign up for potential Thursday night swimming it might not work now but might be something we can look at in September.

The GCSEs and boarding swimming rates are currently under review, this is something that as a club we may need to reassess In the past we have been fortunate to offer a rate for swimmers who have supported the club for 3 years or more. I'm keen to continue to do this, however with current numbers as they are in the senior part of the club I want all to be aware it is not certain that the club can sustain this at the current rate. All those families that are going to be affected by any potential change in September will be contacted directly to discuss the matter further. Please be aware the boarding rate at Sevenoaks swimming club is £160.00.

The new swim times allow scope for the coaches to progress with all the swimmers from top to bottom. The last year has seen consistent improvement. With the additional pool time we will only see additional progress and continued improvement.

EPSC have been asked to provide more pool time and I'm particularly pleased that we are now in the position to offer this. Peter, Jason and the team have really done exceptionally well and now we have the additional pool time all those who want to progress have that real opportunity. With regards to the new schedule you will all notice that we have tried to create more of a club night on a Friday evening, this is something that the Club captains have been keen to implement.

I look forward to another great year at EPSC.

Best regards


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