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Thursday 23 May 2013, 06:00

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Gentlemen of Northern,

I know you’d been waiting patiently for the first news of the season regarding ENRFC Tour 2013. Forget that over-publicised tour to Australia happening soon after; the Northern tour is the one everyone want’s to go on.

Bournemouth 7s Festival!

Vice-president Andy Bernard has agreed to the unenviable task of chasing you tight fisted lot for your hard earned bing-bongs, made all the worse by the likelihood that due to his commitments in front of the telly watching Loose Women, he may not even tour himself! Make it easy for the man or face losing out on tour and financially.

So, your advised payment schedule is as follows…but if there’s one thing you should follow Lee Clifford on, it’s transfer the whole amount early and sleep safe with the knowledge that you’ll be c0ck-blocking him for 5 successive nights.

31st Oct - £50 deposit
30th Nov - £50
31st Jan - £75
28th Feb - £50
31st Mar - £75

Many of you will have the usual tour account details for transferring via internet banking if you aren’t stuck in the dark ages. This is clearly the easiest method for Andy but you do need to include your name as a reference and fire confirmation to Bernard (07957572896/bernardandrewj@gmail.com). Here are those details for the rest of you…

Payee account number: 00365205
Payee sort code: 80 41 21

Only 205 days left to the first likely date of tour. Get signed up now! Send your interest to me (07794356883/jt-openside@hotmail.com) along with the following…

Full name:
Date of birth:
Phone number:
Passport number:
Passport start date:
Passport end date:
Tour playing kit size:

Yours excitedly,

Jason Thompson

Note that only ENRFC members are permitted places on tour. Please pay your full/student/associate membership to be guaranteed a place.


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