Edinburgh Northern RFC

Edinburgh Northern RFC

Where should we tour in 2014?

Where should we tour in 2013?

  • 3%Kaunas
  • 16%Budapest (again)
  • 19%Zadar
  • 39%Cardiff
  • 6%Tallinn
  • 13%Lisbon
  • 3%Leeds

31 votes

Who will win the RaboDirect League and Heineken Cup, respectively?

  • 100%Leinster double
  • 0%Leinster and Ulster
  • 0%Ospreys and Leinster
  • 0%Ospreys and Ulster

1 vote

What theme should the Players Dinner be?

  • 14%Toga
  • 7%Pirates
  • 0%Hawaiian (again)
  • 7%Lumberjack (again)
  • 71%'Wife beater' vests
  • 0%Other

14 votes

Flights to Poland have now dropped in price...where would you prefer to tour?

  • 25%Kaunas
  • 50%Gdansk
  • 13%Either
  • 13%Can't make tour, sorry!

8 votes

Following his YouTube success 'Living in the Bunker', should Neil Hardman direct a tour blog 'Living in Lithuania'?

  • 50%Definitely!
  • 0%Please, no more!
  • 50%[Un]fortunately Neil cannot make tour...PEER PRESSURE!

12 votes

Where would you like to tour to in 2012?

  • 0%Poland (at extra cost)
  • 25%Tallinn
  • 25%Lisbon
  • 38%Leeds
  • 13%Other

16 votes

Should Paddy Doran be allowed to wear hair bands when playing?

  • 85%Why not? Craig Lawson should too!
  • 7%Captain's decision
  • 7%No, never!

27 votes

Which games would you like to see highlights of in the 2011-2012 season?

  • 36%1st XV
  • 7%2nd XV
  • 57%Alternate weeks

14 votes

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